Celebrities Who Like Anal Sex

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Gwyneth Paltrow recently published a frank Q&A about anal sex on her lifestyle blog, Goop. The article offers explicit advice on how to have anal sex that is safe and pleasurable for both partners.

For those who are curious about anal, it’s important to remember that anal sex is just sex! It’s not a sign of sexual fluidity or bisexuality.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known actress who made the leap from movie star to lifestyle maven. She founded goop in 2008 and has since turned it into a wildly successful website, magazine, podcast, and shop with an emphasis on wellness and fashion.

Gwynnie typically uses goop to inform her audience on things like gluten-free diets and the benefits of rubbing almond oil into your baby bump, but in a recent post for the website’s second annual Sex Issue she offered some eyebrow-raising advice about anal sex. She enlisted psychoanalyst Paul Joannides to teach her readers the do’s and don’ts of this backdoor approach to intercourse.

Gwyneth is no stranger to controversial wellness practices and she recently revealed the “weirdest wellness thing” she’s ever done in a TikTok clip. She surprisingly admitted that she had used ozone therapy rectally, which is not only dangerous for your health but can also cause anal herpes. Obviously, this is something to avoid and she’s setting a great example by bringing awareness to the risks. You can read her full interview here.

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Kanye West

Kanye West made a name for himself as one of the most influential rappers in hip hop history. He is a quadruple threat as a producer, artist, songwriter, and activist. He has received critical acclaim for his albums, especially College Dropout and Late Registration.

Kanye is also a controversial figure in the music industry. He has been accused of encouraging young people to drop out of school, and he has had numerous public outbursts. He has also been involved in several feuds with other celebrities, including Jay-Z and Kid Cudi.

Recently, the “Famous” singer threw shade at a line-pushing South African group called Die Antwoord for their sexual antics. He also said that he was too distracted by anal porn to hear the group’s ideas for new songs. Ninja responded by saying that he blocked West’s number and does not plan on working with him again. This incident prompted a conversation about whether Kanye is homophobic. Some critics say that he uses his influence as a rapper to slut-shame women. Others argue that he is simply using his platform to promote his political agenda.

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Amber Rose

Despite her rough beginnings, Amber Rose is a fierce feminist. She’s a proud lesbian and uses her platform to advocate for women, a cause she believes is more important than ever given the current climate. She has also been open about her past and struggles, including the heartache she suffered when her ex Wiz Khalifa cheated on her.

The model/rapper/TV personality gained popularity after appearing in a music video for rapper Young Jeezy’s song Put On and in Louis Vuitton ads. She’s since gone on to launch her own line of eyewear and clothing, write books, host her own talk show called The Amber Rose Show, and star on television shows like Master of the Mix, Black-ish, and Inside Amy Schumer.

Kanye West is known to get personal when it comes to his feuds with former flames and he went all-in on this one. Rose tweeted that Yeezus likes a finger in his butt, which got her dragged into their ongoing Twitter war. The “Famous” singer responded with a tweet that referred to West as a “f-cking idiot.” He used the index finger emoji to emphasize his point.

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Chrissy Teigen

The model is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her social media game. She live-tweets her life, answers questions honestly and claps back at trolls like there is no tomorrow.

The mother of two is known for her hilarious take on parenting and has penned several cookbooks. The Cravings author also stars as a color commentator on Lip Sync Battle and is an executive producer of Bring the Funny, not to mention her line of Cravings cookware.

But the star has found that the responsibilities of raising a child come with their own set of challenges. In an Instagram post about her 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Luna Simone, the celebrity mom explained that she and her husband have been dealing with a picky eater.

As a result, they’ve had to find creative ways to satiate her. One solution? Adding anal ice pops to their diet. The slushy treats are a great way to cool down the anal (and they also happen to be tasty). We’re sure Luna will appreciate their mom’s innovative approach to her snack time!