Erotic Messages

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There are regular massages and then there are erotic messages. The term happy ending massage refers to a massage that starts off as a relaxing rubdown and ends with a sex act, such as a hand job or blowjob.

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Sexting can be anything from nude photos to sultry, descriptive paragraphs that are basically erotic literature to horny emojis or even, gasp, your actual voice (or as we used to call it before texting took over: phone sexting). In fact, according to Jasmine Akins, sexual health educator at CAN Community Health, “anything digital and sexy is considered a sext,” whether that’s texts, gifs, memes, voice messages or just plain old pictures of you in your best lingerie.

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Sexy texting can be a great way to tease your partner or get them in the mood for intimacy. However, it’s important to remember that this type of messaging can border on dirty, so it’s best not to send these kinds of messages to a partner with whom you aren’t in an advanced stage of a relationship.

If you do want to send sexy text messages, make sure to keep the conversation varied. Send a mix of longer and shorter messages, as well as texting with and without images or GIFs. Doing this will help keep the conversation interesting and engaging. Moreover, it can also be helpful to include some texting with a little bit of delay, as this will help increase the anticipation and heighten the sexy factor. Just be careful not to delay too long, or your partner might lose interest.

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When it comes to sexy messages, it is important to use techniques that will create the right mood. It is also important to understand that not everyone will respond the same way. For example, a text that simply says “f**k me” may be sexually explicit, but it will also be boring because there is no suspense.

Instead, try using teasing techniques like visual teasing. This can be done with pictures, videos or even emojis. This type of teasing is a great way to show someone you are interested without being too forward. It also allows you to build the tension and create a sense of mystery and anticipation.

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Another great way to spice up your sexy messages is by adding a bit of humour. This will not only make them smile, but it will also help to relieve some of the tension and arousal.

You can also get super detailed with your sexy messages and paint him an intense story in which he is the protagonist. This is a great way to get him turned on because it will encourage him to imagine himself doing the things you are telling him about. However, it is important to avoid going overboard with this because it could end up being creepy rather than seductive.