Exercises That Make Your Boobs Smaller

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Your breasts go through many changes in your life, especially as you age. They change in size and shape thanks to estrogen levels, and this is totally normal.

They may even shrink a little bit as you come off the pill or approach menopause. Losing weight might also make your boobs shrink, but not always.

Weight Loss

A healthy diet and exercise can significantly change the appearance of your boobs. Because breasts are primarily composed of glandular and fatty tissue, they’re not immune to the same “slimming down” process as other areas of your body when you shed excess weight.

But that doesn’t mean your boobs shrink the moment you hit your goal weight—it depends on how much fat is stored in your chest to begin with, and how much overall weight you lose. That being said, if you do notice a significant reduction in your cup size after hitting your goal weight, don’t panic. There could be a whole host of reasons why your boobs shrunk.

Another reason your boobs may look smaller is because you’ve lost muscle mass. Working out regularly helps tone and tighten muscles, which can make your breasts appear smaller. Try adding aerobic exercises like walking and running to your routine along with strength training moves that target the chest, such as bench press and chest squeeze.


You know the feeling: you find a killer outfit that fits your body shape perfectly, but then you realize that it’s being drowned out by your large breasts. Thankfully, there are some exercises that can make your boobs look smaller and more toned without having to turn to surgery or implants.

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Exercises like the flat bench dumbbell press and chest squeeze work your pectoral muscles to tighten up your boobs, says Pla. Another great one is chair dips, which stretches and tones your chest. “Because this exercise is focused on the middle of your pec muscle, it helps push your boobs forward and gives them a larger appearance,” she says.

Weight loss can also help make your boobs look smaller, since most of them are made up of fat along with some breast tissue, Fitch says. But, she warns that it’s not a guaranteed fix: It can be tough on your body to lose a lot of weight all at once, and your boobs may feel the effects more than other parts of your body do.


A diet that is filled with healthy fats and fruits can help sculpt your body. It is also recommended to avoid processed foods, added sugars, unhealthy fats and artificial flavours as these ingredients can lead to weight gain in the breast area.

Milk is known to be a great source of estrogen and hence it can improve the bust size. It is recommended to have milk in moderation as too much may increase the chances of cancer. Other dairy products like cheese and yoghurt are also good options to consider for increasing breast size. If you are allergic to milk or are a vegan then soy milk is another option to choose. This contains isoflavones that imitate estrogen levels and hence helps in improving the bust size.

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Seafood is also rich in estrogens and thus can promote the growth of your breasts. Prawns, oysters and shell fish are a few options that you can include in your daily diet. You can also try eating red lentils that are high in protein to aid in the growth of your bust.

Hormonal Changes

As a woman, your breasts will naturally change during different periods in life. This includes your monthly menstrual cycle, pregnancies, and breastfeeding. These changes happen due to hormones. These changes can make your breasts feel larger and tender during those times. But after the process is over, your breasts will return to their normal size.

Genetics, body weight, and age will also impact your breast size. But if your boobs shrink without any of these factors, it may be an indication that you’re losing weight or your estrogen levels are falling, such as with hormonal birth control or reaching menopause.

Regular exercise, like going for a walk or hitting the gym a few times a week, can help reduce your overall body fat. Eating healthy and limiting fatty foods can also decrease your breast size. Lastly, drinking plenty of water can help keep your skin elastic and prevent sagging. To give your boobs a natural lift, try massaging them with oil like coconut or olive. Do this daily and continue for a few months to see results.

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Losing weight is a good thing, but for some people, it can have some unexpected side effects. Your breasts are made up of fat tissue alongside the nipple and areola, so when you lose overall body weight, your breasts will shrink a bit too. Sometimes this is noticeable, and other times it’s not, depending on how much fat is stored in the chest area to begin with.

Alternatively, you might notice that your chest feels less firm when you exercise. This can happen when you work your pectoral muscles. Exercises that target this area, like push-ups or swimming strokes, can help reduce your bust size by toning the breasts and the muscles underneath.

For some women, surgery is the best option for their boobs. Implant surgery can make your breasts appear fuller if they lost volume during pregnancy, or it can help them look higher if they have sunk lower than they used to. But it’s important to talk to your doctor first — not just about weight loss, but also about whether or not surgery is a safe option for you.