Homemade Sex Toys For Guys

Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding a White Sex Toy

Men can find pleasure in a wide variety of objects, but figuring out what feels good isn’t always easy. That’s where homemade sex toys for guys come in.

For example, you can make a Fifi from a towel and latex glove. Just roll the towel up, add a latex glove on one end, and secure with rubber bands.

1. Fleshlight

Fleshlight is one of the best sex toys for men, but it’s also a little on the pricey side. Thankfully, there are a few homemade sex toys for guys to help you get the most out of your Fleshlight and save some cash.

Sock masturbator

This toy is simple enough to be one of the first sex toys for guys you try out. You will need an old sock, a latex glove, rubber bands and lubricant. Create a hole in the sock that is about the size of your testicles. Place the glove inside, tie the ends of the glove to the sock and lubricate.

You can even take this toy further by adding bumps and nubs to the interior of the glove for an extra-sensory experience – This section was taken from the website teentelsex.com. Another way to add sensation is to use a heating pad or some kind of warm water. The heat will loosen the material of the glove for more penetration as well.

2. Vegetables

Many men are still a bit shy about using sex toys and the idea of a homemade sex toy that isn’t a vibrating toothbrush or rubber dildo can be scary. But if you think outside the box you can find plenty of objects in your house to turn masturbation into a sexual experience.

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For example, vegetables have a phallic shape and can be used for penetration with lubrication. Carrots, zucchinis, and eggplants are all great choices. Just be sure to sheath them in a condom and wash the vegetables thoroughly before using them.

If you don’t want to use a veggie for penetration, try making an anal sex toy out of cucumbers or other fruits and vegetables. Be careful though since some produce can irritate the anal lining and be dangerous.

3. Body Pillow

If you can’t afford a Fleshlight or premium prostate massager, then this DIY sex toy is the perfect solution. This homemade male masturbation toy makes use of a stuffed animal, a condom and lube to create a sensation that is similar to the feel of a cock.

All you need is a stuffed animal of your choice, a latex glove or condom and some lube. Cut a hole in the body of the stuffed animal that is large enough to insert your penis into. Then, place the condom over the stuffed animal and use it as your new anal sleeve.

This is a simple DIY sex toy for men that requires just a few supplies from your kitchen and bathroom. You will need a few items such as a jar of jelly, starch and a clean stick. Mix the starch and water together until it is thick, then microwave it for a few seconds to soften it slightly. After that, pour the mixture into the jar of jelly and leave it in the fridge until it is hard.

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4. Pearl Necklace

The Pearl Necklace is an old-school masturbation toy that is cheap, easy to make and effective. This toy is perfect for guys who are looking for something to do when they’re at home, alone and in the mood for some kinky pleasure.

It involves a sock, a hair tie and a latex glove. The sock is stretched over the condom and ties to it using the hair tie. The latex glove is then inserted inside the sock and left hanging out an inch from one end of the sock to create a “pimple” feeling. The sock is then filled with lube and it’s ready to be used.

This is one of the most effective and inexpensive homemade sex toys for men. Be careful with this toy as it can cause irritation and you may experience an allergic reaction. Also, if you have a rubber or latex allergy, you should avoid this toy.

5. Ice

If you’re looking for a super cheap, really easy and quick homemade sex toy for guys, ice is the answer. It feels incredibly good against the clitoris and is especially great if you’re out of lube.

If it’s a little bit too messy or you want something that lasts a long time, you can always use some saran wrap over the ice to keep it from melting too fast. Just remember to sanitize it before and after.

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This is one of the most ickiest DIY fleshlight ideas out there but it’s also incredibly effective. To make this, you’ll need a minimum of two reusable gel ice packs, condoms or latex gloves and lube. Sandwich the condom or glove between the ice packs, wrap the lip around the edges and secure with rubber bands. Warm the ice packs in a bowl of water to give you that extra realistic feel when you’re masturbating with this DIY toy.

6. Earplugs

If you’re a guy who likes nipple play or enjoys the sensation of a tight, vibrating orgasm, paper pins or cloth clips can work as an effective DIY sex toy for your nipples. You could also try a banana peel if you’re willing to go through the trouble of chopping it up and washing it carefully. Make sure to use plenty of lube, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures as well.

Cucumbers are another household item that might not be considered a sex toy, but they can give guys an orgasm when used on the anal region. If you’re not comfortable with a cucumber, try a foam pool noodle instead.

Many common objects that are used for masturbation are actually great DIY sex toys, and the list is endless. If you’re a guy who has no money to spend on adult toys, these homemade sex toys for guys might be the perfect solution for your sexual yearnings.