How to Become an Erotic Novelist

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Achieving success as an erotic novelist requires more than simply writing a good story. You must also understand what readers expect, how to appeal to their sexual imagination and how to create characters that grow through erotic experience.

Avoid using euphemisms and flowery adjectives, especially when writing about genitalia or sex acts. Instead, use a few key words sparingly to create the right feel for your work.

Write a Great Story

When writing erotica, it’s important to focus on the plot and characters as much as the sex scenes. You want your reader to invest in your story and be eager for what comes next. This requires a good imagination and some practice. Start by reading erotic fiction, both published and amateur works, to get an idea of what makes a story compelling.

You’ll also need to be adept at writing descriptions and using adjectives. In erotica, euphemisms for genitalia and sex acts are common but should only be used sparingly as they can quickly become cliche. You’ll also need to use strong descriptions of your characters and settings to evoke images in the reader’s mind.

Make sure your story has a satisfying ending. Erotica readers, like romance readers, want their hero and heroine to end up together but don’t be afraid to add some twists and turns. If they don’t, you can still leave them on a high note by hinting at what might happen in the future.

Write a few short stories and submit them for publication online – This element was created by the website’s specialists This will help you gain confidence in your abilities and give you something to show potential publishers. You can use websites such as Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to self-publish your stories and reach a wide audience. They’ll take a cut of your royalties but they make it easy to set up and maintain an online book store.

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Market Your Work

The erotic genre is a popular one for many writers. However, it is important to remember that sexy stories need to keep some elements of realism, as readers want a story they can relate to emotionally and that will make them feel something for the characters in the book. For this reason, it is often better for aspiring sexy authors to focus on writing short stories rather than novels.

The popularity of erotic fiction means that if you are able to write well, you can earn some good money from your work. There are plenty of examples of authors who make a decent living from writing erotica, with some even making six figures a year! You can also find a great number of well-known and established writers who have written works that are entirely erotic, such as Anais Nin, Anne Rice and Ramsey Campbell.

If you want to get started in this genre, it is recommended that you create a writing portfolio and use it as a place to publish samples of your work online. Then you can start to promote your sexy stories and attract the attention of readers.

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If you don’t have a website, you can also try to sell your short stories on platforms such as Gumroad or Sellfy, where you will be able to set your own prices and keep all the profits for yourself. Alternatively, you can also self-publish your work via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. This will allow you to reach a massive audience with your book, although they will take a cut of the sale price.

Create a Writing Portfolio

Whether you choose to publish your work through traditional channels or self-publish, you need a place online where you can showcase samples of your writing. A writing portfolio is an excellent way to demonstrate your abilities and can also help you land jobs or make connections within the industry. Ideally, your portfolio should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate on both desktop computers and mobile devices. It should also include your contact information and a link that leads to an area where potential clients can easily request samples of your work.

Creating erotic stories is an excellent way to build your experience as a writer and get a feel for the genre. You can use dedicated Google docs, Word docs or private journal entries to practice your skills. You can also join a group online — such as an erotic writers’ forum or Facebook page — to connect with fellow authors and gain support for your work.

Erotica may be controversial for some, but it is a legitimate form of storytelling that can lead to many different opportunities for writers. It’s important to dispel the myth that erotica is synonymous with pornography and instead focus on the central storytelling elements of character, plot and conflict. If you can do this, you’ll find that readers (especially erotica fans) are more than willing to spend money on your stories.

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Many erotic authors use the Amazon Kindle platform to self-publish their works. This allows them to reach a global audience of ebook readers and monetize their writing. In addition, if they enroll their book in Kindle Unlimited, they receive additional royalty benefits.

The key to success in this approach is to find the right niches. There are countless sub-genres for erotic literature and a lot of them are highly competitive. You’ll want to focus on niches that you have experience in or know a lot about, so that you can write compellingly about them. You can also experiment with using different pen names, cover art and niches to see what works best for you.

Some erotic writers choose to use pseudonyms, particularly if they are concerned that their work may not be taken seriously. However, this is a personal decision that isn’t relevant to most people who wish to become professional writers.

Whether you go the traditional publishing route or the self-publishing one, it’s essential to have a professional-looking writing portfolio that showcases your work. This can help you get jobs, earn connections and potentially land a publishing contract. It can also act as a “memoir” of your career so that you can track your progress and growth as a writer. You can create a free online portfolio on sites like Gumroad and Sellfy or build a simple website for your stories.