How to Clean For Anal

Rubber Pears

Anal play is a pleasurable experience for both partners, but it does require some hygiene. Most people do their cleaning in the shower prior to anal sex, removing any stray fecal matter that may have found its way into the anus or rectum.

It is also a good idea to douche beforehand, ideally using fleet enemas. This will help the anus feel empty and prepare it for anal sex.

Wet Wipes

Many anal play enthusiasts swear by wet wipes, which are like a fancier, more grown-up version of toilet paper. Wipes help get the area ready for anal play and can remove fecal matter from the rectum before a person gets intimate. Many anal wipes are also biodegradable and flushable, making them a more environmentally friendly option than traditional toilet paper.

However, there are many other ways to clean for anal that don’t require wet wipes or toilet paper. For example, a person can use a hand-held bidet or a quick shower to wash the anal area. The key is to go light on soap, as too much can dry out the natural mucus that keeps the anus soft and supple. If you are going to use soap, make sure that it’s non-fragranced and hypoallergenic. Similarly, witch hazel or Balneol can be used as an alternative to regular soap for hemorrhoidal care.

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For the best results, people should shower or bathe at least 30-60 minutes before anal play to give the anal a chance to soak in the water and eliminate any remaining fecal material. This will help prevent any irritation or abrasions, which can lead to serious infections in the future. Alternatively, a person can do an enema before anal play to clear the rectum of any fecal material and prepare it for anal sex.

Warm Water

Douching is a process of cleaning the anus and rectum with water. Some people find this makes anal sex feel more comfortable, and it can help reduce the amount of fecal matter that might be shed during anal play. It’s important to douche only occasionally, and with gentle water pressure. Dousing too often or with too much force can rinse away the inner lining of the anus, which may increase your risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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To douse, fill a small tub or bowl with warm water and add body-safe lubricant. Most anal douching kits come with a bulb that has a nozzle on the end; simply insert this into your anus and squeeze gently. You can also use a shower attachment, which is more discreet but requires that you be careful about sudden changes in water temperature or force, since this can cause burning or damage.

For the most thorough anal cleanse, you can use an enema. An enema involves inserting liquid into the large intestine, so it’s more serious than anal douching, and it should be done with a doctor’s prescription or a home enema kit that comes with a saline solution. Follow the instructions carefully, and only use lukewarm water. You can also clean the anus with a glycerin-based anal cleanser, such as witch hazel or Balneol.


An enema is a small container with a nozzle on the end that is inserted into the anus. It is filled with liquid, such as water and salt, or mineral oil. It is squirted into the anal opening, sometimes staying there until the urge to move bowels comes on. It can also be used to deliver medicine that is absorbed by the body’s network of blood vessels. It is a good idea to follow the instructions on the product before using an enema for anal. Doing an enema can tear rectal tissue and cause infection. It can also disturb the lining of the colon and upset its delicate balance.

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There are some safe and convenient enema products designed specifically for anal use. These have a pre-lubricated nozzle tip that makes it easier to insert. They can be purchased at a pharmacy or online. They are usually a bit more expensive than regular enema products, but they come with saline solution that has been shown to be well tolerated by the body.

Shower douches are another option, but they do not provide as thorough an anal rinse and can irritate the rectal mucus if done frequently. Douching can also cause a loss of the fine balance of electrolytes that helps the colon work properly, so it is best to do this only occasionally or as part of an overall healthy routine.