How to Contour Your Boobs

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Contouring has been all the rage lately. We’ve seen people contour their faces, hair, and even legs. It’s no surprise that people are now experimenting with contouring their boobs as well.

According to Cosmopolitan, you can make your breasts look bigger with just a few makeup tricks – This piece is the culmination of the service team’s brainstorming sessions Here’s how to do it.

1. Outline your cleavage with a cream contour product

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To contour your breasts, start by outlining them with a cream contour product. Using a dark contour stick or pencil that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone, create a ‘V’ shape on the top of each breast, ensuring that it goes as high as you can without looking fake or too big (the higher the V, the bigger your cleavage will appear). Next, draw a straight line down the middle of your chest and add strokes on the top and bottom of your collar bones to complete the look.

According to Black, you should apply the dark contour to your chest in the same manner as you would your cheekbones—not too light or too heavy. “This helps to create an even and natural-looking boob job,” she says.

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Then, apply a matte highlighting product to the top of your swell—specifically on the areas that catch the light (like your nipples and the center of your chest). Blend the highlighting and contour makeup together with a large, dense contour brush or beauty blender until you’ve achieved the desired effect. Then, set the makeup with a loose powder.

2. Highlight your cleavage with a matte highlighting product

A lot of people struggle to wear cleavage-baring dresses or tops because they have smaller breasts. However, with boob contouring you can create the illusion of a sexy cleavage that looks much bigger than what you actually have.

First, you need to outline your cleavage with a contour stick (or pencil) that is lighter than your skin tone. You will also need a matte highlighting product that is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Take your contour stick or pencil and trace a ‘V’ at the top of each breast. If you want to make your nipples look a little fuller, you can also draw lines there too. Make sure to blend the contour well so that it doesn’t look too obvious and unnatural.

Once you have the ‘V’ drawn, use your highlighting product to highlight the top of each breast and your collar bones. The highlight should be so light that it looks like a natural shadow. Then, blend the highlight again using a makeup sponge or fluffy brush.

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Once you have everything blended, set your cleavage contour with a translucent powder. This will help the makeup last all day! You can also add a bit of shimmer to your chest to really make it pop. This will catch the light and look even more sexy!

3. Blend your contour

Contouring has become a beauty phenomenon and you can find a new hack to sculpt your body on YouTube or Tik Tok every day. However, if you’re not a makeup expert you might be struggling to figure out which product to use and where exactly to sweep it. (We’ve all ended up with muddy contour in the past, right?) So we called on a pro to walk us through the trick for getting that sculpted look without going up a cup size.

She starts off by using a dark contour stick two shades darker than her skin tone to create shadows around the natural hollows in her chest and neck. She also draws a straight line down the middle of her cleavage and along the top and bottom of her collar bone. Natalie then uses the lightest shade in her Australis cream contour kit to highlight the high points of her cleavage, nipples and collar bones.

The trick to the sexy boob contour is to blend your contour well so there aren’t any harsh lines. You can use a large contour brush to do this or even a damp beauty blender. Once you’re happy with the blending, you can apply a loose translucent powder to set your makeup. Then you’re good to go and rock that plunging dress.

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4. Set your contour

Contouring is a technique used by models and celebrities to highlight and emphasise certain features. It’s now become a popular makeup trend that can be applied to many different areas of the body. From contouring the face to the thighs and even the boobs, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular technique.

When it comes to boob contouring, the key is to follow your natural curves. To start, outline your cleavage with a cream contour product that is about two shades darker than your skin tone. Then, use a matte bronzer to fade the pencil lines into your natural skin colour. Make sure you blend well so that the lines don’t stand out too much.

Once you’ve finished highlighting your cleavage, take a powder contour product that is lighter than your skin tone and apply it to the sides of your chest. This will help to give your boobs more definition and make them look fuller. Finally, dust a bit of powder over your shoulders to set the contour.

Boob contouring is a great way to add more cleavage to your figure without having to wear a push-up bra. Plus, it’s super easy to do and only uses the products you already have in your makeup bag! So if you want to rock those sexy dresses with more cleavage, give this trick a try.