How to Cum From Anal

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When it comes to anal play, lube is a must. Without it, friction can cause painful, embarrassing tears inside the anal canal that will not feel good and can transmit pathogens like gonorrhea and syphilis.

But with lube and a little practice, cuming from the anal can be pleasurable, O-worthy fun! Just be sure to clean well before and after.

Getting Started

When a girl is first trying anal, she may feel a bit nervous or even frightened at the idea of having a penis inside her rectum. It is important to reassure her that this type of sex is not a scary or dangerous one and that she will be fine. It is also very important to use plenty of lube. The anal canal is not self-lubricating, and if she tries to do it without lube she can experience friction that doesn’t feel good and small tears in her anus canal, which will cause her pain and discomfort.

Many girls will orgasm the first time they try anal play, but it may take a few tries for others to reach this milestone. It is important to give her time and encouragement, and to be patient with the process.

A great way to help her ease into anal play is by using a finger and a little spit/lube. Slowly insert a finger into the anal and begin to massage it and to dart it in and out, similar to clitoral stimulation.

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The Butthole

The anus, also known as the A-spot (or anterior fornix), is a sweet spot packed with nerve endings. It’s especially sensitive to direct touch, but it can also feel erotically charged from other kinds of stimulation, like penetrative play or clitoral stimulation.

Whether you’re the one penetrating or the receiver, anal play can be a lot of fun – This thought comes from the website’s author Mesmerizing Intrigue. The key is to communicate well so that both partners can figure out the strokes, pressure, rhythm, and intensity that work best for them. This means doing foreplay before anal play to relax the muscles and open the sphincter, as well as talking about what feels good or doesn’t.

Stimulating the anus, rectum, butt cheeks, and prostate (if present) is all part of anal play. For men and people assigned male at birth, stimulating both the anus and a penis simultaneously is a great way to get to orgasm from anal. It’s also a good idea to add clitoral stimulation for the ultimate anal experience. This will not only increase pleasure but help you avoid sphincter pain and overstimulating the anus, which is uncomfortable and can cause you to poop during or after anal play.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are gender-neutral sex toys that quite literally plug your anal canal while stimulating it. They are a fun way to experience anal play, whether you’re partnered or masturbating alone. You can also use them in conjunction with penetrative sex, clitoral stimulation, and even during oral sex. Many people love to use butt plugs with a partner and enjoy intense blended orgasms that happen when multiple erogenous zones are stimulated at once.

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To prepare for butt plug insertion, start with external anal stimulation, like putting lube on your fingers and massaging them in and around the anal opening. This warms up the area and helps to relax tense muscles, which makes inserting your butt plug much easier.

It’s always a good idea to use sexy, water-based lube with any type of sex toy for anal play, because the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, so you need extra help. Start with a small finger or a butt plug, and slather it in lube before slowly slipping it into your anus. Keep in mind that your anus has a ring of muscles, called the sphincter, that can tighten or relax, so it’s important to be patient and gentle.


Men and people AFAB can orgasm from penetrating the anal with toys or even their own penis. The anal is packed with nerves, and stimulating the anal can help stimulate nearby erogenous zones like the G-spot.

Sinclair recommends starting anal play small and slow to build up anal sensitivity and avoid any discomfort. She also suggests using lubrication liberally. “Without lube, you can create friction that doesn’t feel good and may cause small tears in the anal canal,” she says.

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The anal is a little bit harder to reach than the vagina, but it’s still possible for almost anyone to experience an orgasm from this area. It takes some experimenting to figure out which toys, tools, or licking techniques work best.

One popular anal penetration technique is the rider-on-top position. The woman lies on her back while the guy penetrates her anal from behind. This allows them to rock together and provides some skin-to-skin contact for added stimulation. The rider can also massage the anal while penetrating for extra pleasure. The spherical muscle in the anus is called the prostate, and massaging it can feel amazing.

Clitoral Stimulation

It’s important to wash up before engaging in anal play so you’re not introducing bacteria into the area. Douching is also a good idea for those with very sensitive anuses.

There are shared nerves between the anus and vagina, so clitoral stimulation can sometimes trigger anal orgasms. Stimulation of the anus itself can be pleasurable as well, particularly if you use a toy that tapers from the tip for easier insertion. For example, a butt plug has a teardrop shape that makes it easy to maneuver and often feels good with friction.

Anal play can be a fun way to explore different zones of the vulva and find out what feels best for you and your partner(s). Be sure to use lots of lube, stay safe, and always communicate with your partners to make things as enjoyable as possible. And of course, condoms are a must with all penetrative sex.