How to Dress With Big Boobs

Woman in White Spaghetti Strap Top Dress Sitting Near the Window

Finding clothes that fit and flatter your figure can be a challenge for women with big boobs. Whether you want to downplay your cleavage or show off, there are plenty of fashion choices that will look great on you.

The key is balance. Avoid boxy shapes that will accentuate your bust and instead choose tighter styles.

Emphasise your small frame

A lot of fashion tips for women with big boobs focus on minimising them, but it’s also important to highlight your frame too. You can achieve both by choosing flattering clothes, ensuring you’re wearing the right bra for your size and by choosing the right accessories.

For example, if you’re well-endowed, avoid long necklaces that hang off your neck, as they can draw attention to your chest. Instead, opt for shorter necklaces that accentuate your collarbones and make your neck look longer, which can help to elongate your frame.

Another style tip is to wear a cami or t-shirt underneath your blouses if they are deeper v-necks, as this will minimise your exposure and ensure that the fabric doesn’t drag across your bust. If you’re not a fan of camis, a simple shirt or tank top will work just as well.

In terms of accessories, a medium length belt can also be very effective for larger busted ladies. The belt can draw attention to your waist, helping to elongate the look of your torso and minimise your bust. Similarly, choosing a vest that’s longer than your shirt can have the same effect by drawing attention to your midriff.

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Tuck your tops in

Big boobs can look unflattering when tops aren’t tucked in. This is because the extra fabric around your waistline will draw attention to the size of your bust, making it appear larger than it is – This detail is the fruit of the website team’s labor To avoid this, try to tuck your tops in as much as you can.

For the best results, look for shirts or tops with thick straps. Thin straps can make your bust appear bigger, but wider straps will balance out the look. You can also look for tees with a slit that’s not too deep – any deeper and your girls will start to lose their shape.

Another trick that will help you tuck in your tops is to wear a matching set of pants and a shirt or blouse. Matching sets give the illusion that your outfit was meant to be worn together, which can be a flattering style for people with big boobs.

One of our favourite styles for showing off your curves while still looking polished is a turtleneck bodysuit. Not only is this super versatile, but it also keeps your top tucked in while showing off your hip curve and flat belly.

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Square or V-necklines

A square neckline is a great way to break up the space around your chest. It is more open and can be really flattering on a large bust. It also works well in kurtis, dresses and Indo-western outfits. It is also a good choice for women who want to avoid showing too much cleavage and can help create the illusion of a slimmer aesthetic.

A V neckline is also a great option for a fuller bust as it can be very slimming. However, it is best to stay away from deep Vs as they can accentuate a larger bust.

Another option is a scoop neckline. This is a classic look that will never go out of style and can be very flattering on a large bust. The scoop shape is also great for highlighting the shoulders and can be very sexy if you choose to wear it with a crop top.

For a more romantic feel, try a sweetheart neckline. This is a beautiful shape for any bust size and it can be very sexy, especially when worn with a fitted dress. A boat neck is also a flattering neckline that can work well on a fuller bust. It will accentuate your collar bone and can be a great look for an evening dress or for a dinner date with the in-laws!

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Wrap tops

If you’re one of the many women out there with a larger bust, finding tops that fit and flatter can be a struggle. If you’re constantly settling for something that doesn’t sit well around the chest or are a little bit on the heavy side, it can leave you feeling less than confident when you go out.

Thankfully, there are some styling tips that can help to make life easier when it comes to shopping for tops that flatter bigger boobs. These include experimenting with different colours, tucking in your tops and finding styles that show off your decolletage.

Wrap tops are great for big boobs because they help to separate the breasts and create a more balanced shape. They also work well for those that prefer to downplay cleavage and can be styled with a shelf bra cami underneath, if needed.

It’s also a good idea to try to avoid wearing anything too tight as this can look frumpy on those with bigger busts. Instead, opt for a slightly looser fitting top. In addition, you should also aim to wear a colour or pattern on your bottom half to draw attention away from your chest. A striped skirt or pants, for example, can be perfect for this. This allows you to focus on the other areas of your body that can also look great when worn with a nice, fitted top.