How to Know If Your Breasts Are Growing

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Girls can experience a lot of changes in their breasts during puberty. This can include growth, nipple change, or tenderness.

Breast buds may appear and can feel itchy or sore, and the area around your nipples (called areola) might darken in color. This is all normal and expected.

Breast development usually ends around age 18, but it can continue into your early twenties. Here are seven ways to know if your boobs are growing:

Change in Size

One of the first signs your breasts are growing is an increase in your cup size. This is common among girls and it happens as a natural part of puberty. The nipples and the area around them (known as the areola) may become darker and fuller, as well. Some girls develop stretch marks, but these are totally normal and fade over time.

It’s important to remember that your breasts are composed of both glandular and fatty tissue, which means they can change shape depending on things like diet, exercise, and hormones. For example, weight gain or loss can affect the size of your breasts and certain workouts can build up muscles that make them look perkier. Similarly, your period, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can also affect their size.

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The same is true for each girl’s breasts — they grow at different rates and can be a different size even when they are fully developed. This is because the two sides of the breasts are influenced by different hormones, so they may grow at different times.

If you’re concerned about your boobs’ growth, check with your gynecologist for more information. It’s also a good idea to do a breast self-exam about 3 to 5 days after your period ends, as your boobs will be less lumpy at this time.

Change in Shape

One of the first things you may notice when your boobs are growing is that they become fuller and rounder. This is a normal part of breast development and usually starts to happen between the ages of 8 and 13. You may also start to feel a slight tingling sensation in your chest when they are growing, and the area of darker skin around your nipple (known as the areola) might become larger or darken in color.

The areola will often become erect and stick out, which is another completely normal sign of breast growth. You may also find that you are needing to wear bras in a larger size, and this is totally fine. Some girls will even begin to develop breast buds, which can look like raised bumps and might feel sore or itchy. This is a big milestone, and it will probably happen around the same time that your first period comes around.

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Some girls might also experience asymmetrical breasts, where one of their boobs grows faster than the other. This can be frustrating, but it isn’t really a cause for concern. It’s a result of fluctuating hormones, and it usually goes away once you finish puberty. Using all-natural breast pills, such as Bust Bunny, can help to regulate those hormones and make sure your boobs grow at the same rate.

Change in Texture

One of the more subtle signs that your boobs are growing is a change in the texture of your skin. This is common in young women and occurs as a result of the sudden growth spurt during puberty. The breasts will often appear bumpier and the nipples may become more prominent. This is also a normal part of the pregnancy process and happens when the glands of the breast enlarge to prepare for possible milk production if pregnancy occurs. This is why it’s important to perform regular breast self-exams and look out for any changes in the appearance of your boobs.

A change in texture of the breasts is also a common sign during your monthly period as hormone levels rise and fall with each cycle.

Change in Feeling

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your breasts are growing or if you’re just having that time of the month. This is because a lot of symptoms associated with breast growth also occur around the same time as your period, so they can be hard to separate out.

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But don’t worry, it’s totally normal to experience a change in the feeling of your boobs during puberty. This is because as you grow, your hormone levels change and can make your boobs feel firmer or fuller, sensitive, or itchy. They might even tingle or hurt at times, especially before and during your period. The area around your nipples (also called the areola) might even appear raised and darker.

It can be difficult to understand what’s going on with your body at this age, and it’s totally normal to have questions. But don’t be afraid to ask a trusted adult or your doctor about what is happening to your body. They will be able to explain everything and help you figure out what’s normal for you. It’s also really important to wear a bra that fits you well, so that it supports your boobs during this time of change. So don’t be afraid to try on a few different styles and see what feels best! You can also start doing some push-ups to strengthen the muscles in your breasts and help prevent sagging later on.