How to Massage Boobs

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If you’re a new mom, regular breast massage can help relieve nipple pain and breast and milk duct issues. This also helps promote a healthy milk supply and faster nipple recovery.

Boob is a cute, colloquial term that’s not offensive. While it’s not scientifically proven that massaging boobs will increase their size, it may impact hormonal levels.


When it comes to sexy foreplay, nipple play can be a fun and pleasurable way to spice up a session. Nipples are a highly sensitive erogenous zone that can be quite stimulating to suck and squeeze. For some, nipple play can even cause nipple orgasms!

While squeezing is definitely an arousing part of a breast massage, it’s important not to go overboard. Having too much pressure on the nipples can lead to pain and discomfort. To avoid this, try squeezing gently and alternating with licking and running your tongue around her nipples for more pleasure.

Massaging the nipples can also help empty them of excess milk during breastfeeding and pumping. By clearing the milk ducts, you can help prevent engorgement and encourage more breast milk production. This is a great option for new moms. However, it is still best to stick with regular self-exams and a physician check-up for any abnormalities.


Whether you’re in search of an effective way to firm your breasts or just want to boost the erogenous zone, cupping can offer some major benefits. This form of therapeutic suction can help stimulate collagen, improve skin tone and texture, and even increase blood flow to the breasts – which may result in some noticeable plumping or fuller looking breasts.

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Adding some cupping into your chest massage routine can also be a great way to soothe breast pain and ease blocked milk ducts. You can use the BLISS face and body cupping set to gently apply pressure to the breast tissue, mimicking the lymphatic system’s natural pumping motion and encouraging drainage restrictions to break down.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to do regular self-exams and consult with your doctor before massaging your nipples. It’s also a good idea to get your hands nice and slippery with a little bit of coconut oil (or another skin loved oil of your choice) before getting started. This will make the touch gentle and smooth, increasing your pleasure potential exponentially!


Breasts and nipples have thousands of nerve endings, and when stimulated properly—with a bit of patience—can lead to orgasm. In fact, women often say that breast and nipple stimulation is their most pleasurable sexual experience.

The key to massaging boobs is using light pressure and alternating between massage techniques. Start by gently stroking upward along the breastbone with the tip of your thumb and finger, then move to circular movements like kneading and sliding. It’s important to warm up your hands first and to avoid pulling on the sensitive breast tissue.

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Once your fingers are warmed up, try pinching her nipples firmly and rolling her nipples between your index finger and thumb. Communicate with her about how firmly she prefers it, and increase your grip as she responds.

You can also use a lubricant to enhance the experience and to prevent her from feeling too much pain. Some companies make products specifically for breast massage, but Locascio says that coconut or olive oil will work just as well. She recommends practicing this technique daily for a month to notice results.

Circular Movements

If you want to take your breast massages up a notch, start by applying some oil to the area. Lather your hands in a body oil that you like (coconut, almond or olive is perfect) and gently rub it into the chest.

Then, start massaging the breasts with circular movements, starting from the outer edge of the breast and moving towards the nipple. Then move to the other side of the breast and repeat.

These circles help to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is a network of tubes that drains fluid from the tissues and empties the fluid along with any toxins back into the bloodstream. In addition, they help to trigger the milk let-down reflex and to drain engorged breasts.

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You can also massage the nipples by lightly brushing them without pressing. This will facilitate the milk let-down reflex, help with nipple chafing and reduce stretch marks. You can even add a bit of pressure based on how her nipples feel, and ask if she prefers it harder or softer. This will encourage her to communicate, which is essential for an effective breastfeeding relationship.


Using the flat pads of your three middle fingers (not your tips) gently move each hand from the center of her breast to the edge of the areola. This sliding motion can be deeply arousing, and it’s an effective way to check for any signs of infection or inflammation.

Gently caress her breasts and nipples to improve blood flow, relieve tension, increase lactation and reduce the risk of mammary cancer. If you’re using a massage oil, neem or rose hip, it can help give your hand that extra glide.

Nipple play is an under-appreciated pleasure zone that can deliver some pretty arousing orgasms. It can also stimulate the lymphatic system, which carries fluids and toxins back to the bloodstream. To take your boob massage up a notch, try moaning softly into her ear or kissing her neck as you rub her tatas. This finishing touch stimulates two erogenous zones at once and can send her into a full-on nipple orgasm.