How to Play With Boobs

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The breasts are a rich, nerve-rich erogenous zone that often get overlooked during sexual play. But if used correctly, they can unlock incredible sensations and even orgasms.

First, it’s important to check in with your partner about their sensitivity and preferences around breast play, particularly when it comes to nipple contact. Then, try these six moves to double your pleasure.

1. Slide Your Hands Around Them

Breast play is one of the most under-appreciated erogenous zones out there. Whether as part of a regular course of sexual play or a stray consensual tweak during partnered sex, the chest area is filled with nerve-rich points for exploration and sensation – This detail mirrors the service specialist’s dedication Sex Guru Club. Some people even orgasm from breast stimulation alone!

To get started, slide your hands around a consenting partner’s nipples. Start at the outermost edges of each breast, then work your way in, pressing on a different area with each finger or palm. Then, grab onto the areolas and gently pinch them, but only lightly — you don’t want to hurt your partner.

For added pleasure, use lube or massage oil to make your hand slides around her boobs feel slipperier and more intense. You can also add vibrators, feather ticklers and even nipple clamps for added sensation. And if you’re really getting a charge out of the interaction, try blindfolding your partner for a more titillating experience. It’s also great for evoking a sense of mystery. She won’t know what you’re doing to her nipples until she opens her eyes!

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2. Suck On Them

Nipples can be very sensitive and are full of nerve endings. Nipple play can be extremely arousing for some women, especially when done right. However, it’s important to keep in mind that women’s nipples are not all the same. They vary in their sensitivity and what type of stimulation they respond well to, so it’s best to start out slow and gentle with the nipple area until you get a better feel for your partner’s body. Be sure to pay attention to her reaction, such as if she leans into the pinching or sucking, and only increase the pressure when you can tell that it’s getting her hotter and harder.

Another great way to arouse a woman with the nipples is to lick them. Use your tongue to twirl around the areola and slowly work up to sucking the nipple. You can also blow gently on the nipple to create chilly tingles, which can be quite intense and stimulating. If you want to spice things up even more, try applying a lubricant to the nipple before playing with it and blowing on the lubed-up area for a sexy experience.

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3. Lick Them

Breasts are a highly under-appreciated erogenous zone that can deliver incredible sensations. Whether it’s as part of your regular sexual play, or as a consensual tweak every now and then, they’re a surefire pleasure zone.

A lot of people tend to focus solely on a woman’s nipples, but the underboob and side boob can be just as sensitive and arousing. If you find your partner likes it, licking their boobs is a great way to stimulate them.

You can also lick the insides of their areolas, or trace the outline of her nipples. You can even lick the nipple creases, which can produce tingling sensations. It’s best to start off gently and then slowly increase the pressure until it’s light pinching.

Alternatively, you can use food as a means of stimulation. For example, you can smother her chest in something sweet, then lick it off, which can be extremely sensual and yummy at the same time. There are also nipple suckers on the market that apply gentle suction to her nipples, increasing sensitivity and making them more erect.

4. Pull Them

Most people go straight for the nipples when they play with breasts, but it’s important to remember that the areola is full of nerve endings that can be just as arousing. Gently pinch a nipple with your thumb and forefinger to increase the pressure over time. Pay close attention to your partner’s body language and ask them when they’re comfortable with more intensity.

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Breast stimulation is a great way to get intimate and can be a good foreplay tool to help you build up to other sexual activities or even as the main event. Just run your hands over the area and explore all of the erogenous zones — and don’t be afraid to add toys or other methods of arousal to your play.

5. Apply Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are an awesome way to heighten sensation while still preventing overstimulation and pain. They are available at a variety of price points and can be used in many different ways. Wilde suggests applying a little bit of lubricant (water-based is great, silicone is better) to the nipple area before attaching the clamps for increased sensation. She also suggests a patch test to get an idea of how the clamps will feel on your body. Place the clamps on your earlobes for a few minutes before placing them on the nipple area to see how you react. If you find the clamps uncomfortable or the nipple area turns red, remove them immediately.

Sliding your hands around a consenting person’s breasts can be super sexy and satisfying. Adding licking and sucking can really turn the pleasure up, too. When you caress a woman’s breasts, her brain releases oxytocin, the love hormone that promotes bonding and fosters intimacy. That’s why it’s important to ask a woman before touching her breasts or nipples, and to give her some time to respond to your touch.