How to Stretch For Anal Injection

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For both men and women of all sexual orientations, anal sex play is super exciting. However, the anal muscles can get quite tight and it’s important to use a lot of lube when engaging in this type of activity.

Many people who participate in anal stretching work up to taking larger sex toys or even butt plugs down there. This is known as anal training.

Start Slowly

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to anal stretching, but the basic principles are universal. Aim to start small and build up, using anal plugs or dildos until your anus can comfortably take them. Some people want to go even further than that, and that’s fine, too.

Anal stretching is most effective if you do it in a warm room, so a hot bath or shower might help. It’s also important to use plenty of lube, and some types of lube are better than others for this purpose. Silicone lube, which you can buy online, is a great choice because it’s thicker and lasts longer than water-based lube.

The goal of anal stretching is to train the sphincter muscles to relax during defecation and intercourse, and following a dilation protocol can help you achieve this. It can also help prevent anal fissures, which can be extremely painful and dangerous. For many, anal stretching is a form of kink that they love to partake in, whether it’s for sex with their partner or play with huge dildos.

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Don’t Force It

While it may seem tempting to get anal stretching right, you have to be patient. Depending on your starting point, it can take up to a year to get your anus fully stretched and able to support a larger plug.

You will know when it’s time to move up a size when you feel very little resistance and minimal discomfort when inserting. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough lubricant, so that your anal plug is easy to slide in and out without too much effort.

Remember that the anus is a sensitive area, and you should always stop when you begin to experience pain or blood flow. If you continue to push your anus past its limits, it’s likely that you will lose flexibility and risk injury.

Many people enjoy anal stretching as part of a kink-related fetish, such as fisting, gaping, double penetration, or a huge cock. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even once your anus is stretched out, you’ll need to practice regularly to maintain the flexibility.

Go Slowly

The anal muscles are thinner and more delicate than those in the vagina, so they can be easily stretched and even damaged when you’re not careful. If you’re new to anal stretching and insertion it’s a good idea to start off slow. You’ll know when the muscles are ready for a little more pressure. Pain, inflammation or bleeding are all signs that you’re going too far.

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If you’re stretching to take a bigger plug or toys it’s even more important to go slowly. The more you stretch the more sensitive your anus becomes, so if you get too cocky with the dragon or werewolf dildo you’re likely to have some major issues.

Make sure you’re relaxed before you start playing and apply a liberal amount of lube to your fingers or toy. Silicone lube is excellent for anal play because it’s thicker and lasts longer than water-based lubes, but any type will do the trick. A little bit of foreplay can also help to get your mind in the right place, which is a big part of the relaxation needed before anal stretching.

Don’t Overdo It

As with any sexual activity, it’s important to be aware of what you are doing to your body. While anal stretching can be fun, it is not a good idea to try to stretch your anus too far. There is a very real risk of infection and microtears. These small tears allow bacteria to enter the body through the anus.

This is why it’s best to take your time and ease into anal play. When you start, lube up your fingers and work them around the area of the anus gently in circular motions. Once you’ve worked up to this, begin inserting toys into the anal hole slowly. Taking your time will help your body get used to the sensations, and you will be able to tell if you have gone too far. Sharp sensations, pain, pinching or hyper-awareness of the entrance are all signs that you have done too much. If you experience any of these, stop playing and let your body rest. This may mean taking a break from anal stretching for a few weeks, or it may mean focusing on other ways to pleasure yourself during anal training (such as masturbating, watching porn videos, or using kinky restraints). You can always return to anal stretching once your body is ready.

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Don’t Overstretch

Some people love anal stretching as their own fetish, or as part of another kink such as fisting, gaping, double penetration, or giant dildos. It’s an intense experience, and it’s a lot of fun.

Before you even think about anal stretching, it’s recommended to have a full bowel movement so that your anus is clean and ready for the stretching. A good lubricant will also help.

Once you have the basics down, it’s a good idea to work up to larger and longer plugs so that you can get a sense of what the pleasure will be like. Some people even buy anal training kits or trainer sets, which come with a variety of sizes to try.

When anal stretching, it’s important to remember that you can always stop if things become uncomfortable or painful. Pain is a good indicator that you should not go any further because it could lead to a tear in your anus. You’ll also want to make sure you’re doing this activity with someone else who can help if needed.