How to Take Erotic Pictures For Your Boyfriend

Photo of Woman With Blond Hair

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Nude photos are seductive, but it’s best to leave a little something to the imagination. A bare shoulder or leg can be sexy, but try to avoid anything revealing.

1. Look into the mirror.

When taking erotic pictures for your boyfriend, it is important to remember that you are actually titillating him with your own body, not with some photo filter or retouching. If you’re not comfortable with showing all of your body in a picture, try using light eyeliner to define your eyes or add some lipstick for an extra pouty kissable mouth.

Make sure that you have a clean room and good lighting to take your erotic pics. If possible, take them in natural sunlight and try to avoid overhead lights that cause shadows on your face and body. You can also experiment with different camera angles like shooting from above to accentuate the curves of your back and legs or by crouching down to capture your luscious buttocks.

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Make sure that you’re alone when taking your photos. Unless you have a trusted friend you can trust to keep your secrets, it’s best to wait until you’re in an empty house or at least have the privacy of your own bedroom. This way you’re not worried about someone walking in on you or seeing a nude pic of you and another person on your phone.

2. Put on a lace bra.

Taking sexy pictures doesn’t always mean going nude. You can still be sexy and clothed – just a peek of lace can be hot! Try a fun filter on Snapchat or Instagram to make your photos sexier.

If you’re wearing a shirt or blouse, you can still give your boyfriend a glimpse of a sexy bra or lingerie by opening a button or tying it up a little more than usual. You can even play with your hair to add a sexy element to the photo.

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Be sure to take these pictures when you have privacy. You don’t want to risk your private photos being shared with someone else or getting revenge porn on you later. Our hook-up culture is rife with horror stories of private images becoming public.

3. Take a bath.

Taking photos nude in the bathtub is always a good idea, as the way water catches the light is very pleasing to the eye. You can pose in a nude bathing suit or simply use the tub as a prop to take pictures of your legs, feet or breasts. Sometimes, just a suggestive bare shoulder or butt is enough to be sexy, so be sure to leave a little mystery in your photos. Your boyfriend will appreciate the mystery!

4. Take a selfie.

When you’re looking to take a selfie that will make your boyfriend drool, try using some creative angles. You can pose on the bed to show off your curves or get on all fours to accentuate your boobs. You can also lie on your stomach to capture a fun upside-down photo. This is a great way to show off your cleavage and can be especially sexy if you’re wearing a sheer top.

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When taking a selfie, be sure to use natural light when possible so that your skin will look radiant in the photo. You can also experiment with different photo filters and editing techniques to enhance the look of your photos. However, be careful not to overdo it with the editing because it can ruin a good photo.

Another thing that can help you to take a sexy selfie is to practice some flirty facial expressions. You can do this by smiling a little bit wider than usual or tilting your head to one side. You can also put on some music that makes you feel sexy and dance around to boost your confidence. This can be particularly sexy if you’re in the bathtub! You can even add props like a soft feather or silky robe to your outfit. You can even pose nude and wear lingerie to really get your partner in the mood.