How to Tell Fake Breasts From Real Ones

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Most men have spent some time surreptitiously regarding cleavage, whether it’s from across the 10th-grade English classroom or behind a magazine. However, it can be difficult to know if a woman’s breasts are real or fake.

One dead giveaway is if her boobs are set too high on her chest. Natural breasts sit right around where her armpits are, but a bad boob job can make them ride up higher than this.

1. They’re too round

Breasts are primarily fat, and their jiggly nature gives them a natural bounce. If a girl’s breasts look perfectly round (like bubble butts) and don’t change size when she moves her arms or stretches, they are probably fake. Real boobs also follow a more natural sliding curve line from top to bottom; implants have a much higher arc and can appear more like solid muscle.

A gap that keeps the breasts from touching each other is another giveaway, especially if it’s wide and bony. It’s not unusual for breasts to have a little bit of space in between them but when it’s too much, it’s often a sign of implants.

A Thai woman has demonstrated a surefire way to tell whether or not someone has implants. Wichooda Cheychom, from Lopburi Province, reveals her trick by shining a cellphone light on each breast to make them glow in the dark. A video of the trick has been viewed more than five million times in just a week since it was posted online. She also explains that it’s a great way to spot a pair of fake boobs.

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2. They’re too firm

As a general rule, real breasts have a more rounded shape (think of the top line of pears or teardrops). If your girl’s boobs look perfect round, it’s a good bet that they’re pumped full with silicon or saline.

You should also keep an eye out for the way her boobs move and stretch. Since breasts are mainly fat, they usually have a slight jiggle. But implants have a more solid feeling to them and don’t bounce as much.

Another giveaway is if her breasts are too high up on her chest. Natural breasts usually sit right around where her armpits are, but bad boob jobs can push them even higher up to the point where they start to look like two floating orbs on her chest. Fortunately, this easy trick to spot fake breasts is simple enough that anyone can do it. Just turn off the lights and shine your cellphone on them to see how they glow in the dark! The glow is a sure sign that she has implants. Check out the video below to learn how it’s done.

3. They’re too high

The nipples of natural breasts usually point upward, but implants can make them droop downward. This gives them a less full appearance overall, especially when viewed from the side. Also, watch for breasts that are disproportionate to the woman’s frame. If her nipples look too big for her, it’s a sign that they’re fake.

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A good breast job should sit the breasts around armpit height, but some women with bad boob jobs have them way too high on her chest. This is a clear giveaway.

Another trick for spotting a pair of boob implants is to look at how they move and stretch. Real breasts have a lot of fat, so they move and bounce in different ways. But implants are mainly made of silicone, so they’re more solid and don’t move as much as a normal breast. Pay attention to whether they flatten out or keep their shape when she stretches, reaches back, bends over, or puts her hands on her hips. This is a surefire sign that they’re fake. Also, look for a gap between the breasts that doesn’t close when she bends over or puts her arms behind her back.

4. They’re too close together

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone’s breasts are fake is if they don’t have a space in-between them. Real breasts have two to three inches of room between them, but implants shrink that gap significantly. Also, if her breasts look like they are touching each other or if they sit too high up on her chest—typically right around armpit height—that’s another dead giveaway that her boobs are not natural.

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Watch them when she bends over or stretches and see how they move. Breasts mainly have fat inside them, so they bounce and move. However, implants don’t move in the same way. Fake boobs stay the same size, so they’re not real. If her nipples tip downward, that’s another sign of fake breasts.

5. They’re too flat

A woman with implants has a pretty distinct look when you look at her from the side. A good way to tell is if her breasts don’t slope downward. A nipple that tips downward can also be a giveaway. Real nipples curve downward, but the saline or silicon that fills breast implants doesn’t have that same slope.

If her breasts look perfectly round, that’s another red flag. Natural breasts look more like pears than round watermelons, and a perfect round shape is a dead giveaway that they’re not natural.

Watch how her boobs move when she reaches back or stretches. Real breasts have a jiggly quality because they’re mostly fat, but fake breasts tend to stay the same size and flatten when a woman bends over or moves her arms. It’s also a good idea to see how her boobs react to a push-up bra; if they stand up unnaturally, she probably has fake boobs. To learn more about breasts, check out our July issue, on stands now. Click here to order your copy!