How to Use Anal Beads

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Anal beads are a unique sex toy that can give different sensations depending on the type and material. They can also work great in combination with other toys such as bullet vibrators or dildos.

The most common style are a set of firm beads (in any number of materials) spaced and fixed evenly on a cord that needs to be manually pushed in. Others are molded or silicone and connect without a cord.


The key to enjoying anal beads is in the stimulation they deliver. While they can give pleasure on their own, they also work exceptionally well in combination with other toys, especially vibrators. To get the most out of anal beads, lubricate them and arouse your partner before inserting them. You can use a variety of arousing techniques, including stroking, licking, kissing, and more.

Once your partner is aroused, press the first slick bead into their anus firmly but gently. Tease them with additional arousing techniques until they are at the edge of orgasm, and then slowly pull the bead out to let them experience the climax of the sensation. If they want, you can reinsert the bead to continue stimulating them, but it is best to leave the anal beads in until after they have had a full anal orgasm.

Anal beads can be made from a variety of materials. Silicone is a popular choice for beginners because it feels smooth on the skin and is hypoallergenic. Many sets have slick beads that increase in size along the string, and some even include a vibration setting. If you prefer a harder feel, glass or hard plastic anal beads may be more your speed.

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For extra stimulation, try double penetration using a dildo in the anal and anal beads in the vagina or perineum. You can also experiment with restraints like cuffs or roap to see how they affect the experience.


Many different types of anal beads exist, and each offers a unique flavor of sensation. “Silicone is the most common because it’s soft and flexible,” Berkheimer says, but there are options made of glass or metal that can feel harder. Rigid strands that resemble smooth ribs are usually the beginner’s choice, as they’re easy to insert. But more experienced anal users might prefer the hard feel of a molded or vibrating model.

Anal beads can be used to stimulate both the penis and the vagina, and they’re often inserted as a prelude to intercourse or sex. They can also be inserted and removed repeatedly to heighten orgasm. The number of beads inserted and how quickly or slowly they’re removed can create a variety of feelings, so it’s important to experiment to find what works best for the individual.

As with all sex toys, anal beads must be thoroughly cleaned after each use to ensure they’re sanitary and free of bacteria. That’s why it’s so important to always purchase anal beads from a reputable source and read all the instructions carefully. It’s also essential to make sure anal beads aren’t shared, as lingering bacteria can cause irritation or even infection. If anal beads are attached to a cord, for example, the cord should be thoroughly washed with hot water and soap to prevent bacterial buildup.

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Like any sex toy, anal beads can carry bacteria, which is why it’s crucial to keep them clean. This is especially important for anal beads that travel into and around the rectum, as they can be more likely to collect fecal matter. Porous materials will absorb this material and it can cause infection, so choosing non-porous materials is key. Glass and stainless steel are two options. Both are non-porous and can be thoroughly sterilized in boiling water. Nylon, on the other hand, can’t be boiled and can leave lingering bacteria behind.

Lubrication is also a must for anal beads, and it’s best to use a water-based lube rather than a silicone-based one. The rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, and playing too roughly with anal beads can cause micro-abrasions that make it easier for infection to set in.

As with butt plugs, it’s a good idea to start out slowly with anal beads. Trying to insert too many anal beads at once can lead to irritation and even pain, so it’s wise to start with a few beads and gradually increase your bead size. Similarly, beginners should choose anal beads with a ring or flared base for safer and easier removal. A ring helps prevent the beads from becoming fully lodged in the rectum, and it can be helpful for more experienced anal users as well.

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Anal beads are a toy that can be used in a variety of ways, alone or with a partner. They are a series of small, round balls that can be linked together by nylon cord, rope-like material, or another type of string and have a ring or other handle at one end. They are designed to elicit heightened sensations and stimulate pleasure by inserting them into and pulling them out of the anal canal through the sphincter muscle. They can also be paired with other sex toys like realistic dildos or vibrators to increase pleasure and arousal.

The best way to use anal beads depends on personal preference and the individual’s comfort level with the anal canal. Some users find it easier to insert all the beads at once, while others prefer a more gradual approach. Some users enjoy clenching or tightening their anus as they pull the beads through to intensify stimulation and arousal.

The use of anal beads is a safe, easy to use form of intimate solo exploration or for couples during clitoral play. However, it is important to use the toy in a private location and keep it clean at all times to prevent infection or irritation. A lubricant suitable for the anal canal, such as water-based, can be used to make insertion and removal easier.