How to Write Erotic Letters

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Letters are a powerful form of communication. They can encapsulate emotions that are too messy, embarrassing or potent to share with a face to face conversation.

An erotic love letter is the perfect way to ignite some passion in your relationship. However, you need to know how to write one before sending it off.

1. Set Your Intention

The erotic love letter is an opportunity to explore your deepest passions and desires. But, as with any creative writing endeavor, it’s important to set your intention before you start. “An intentional letter is a way to communicate from the heart in an authentic and intimate manner,” says Greer. “This type of letter reveals the essence of your character.”

The first step to creating an erotic love letter is deciding what your intentions are for the correspondence. “Expressions of love require a romantic tone; seduction asks for steaminess and some sass, and support requires a warm and tender touch,” Greer explains.

Knowing your intention will help you determine how erotic the letter should be, as well as what sensory details to include. Avoid pornographic descriptions of sex and purple prose, a term that describes overly ornate language. Instead, aim for evocative descriptions that use vivid imagery to ignite the senses and leave your loved one’s imagination running wild. This is a great technique to use when writing to someone long distance. It can take the sting out of being apart and can turn a mundane correspondence into a sexy love story.

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2. Get Creative

In the days before emojis and sexting, letters were the main way that people kept in touch with their lovers. Whether it was about the weather, work, or something else, these letters were often deeply personal and erotic.

When writing an erotic letter, it’s important to be creative. However, you don’t want to go too overboard or you might turn your partner off. Instead, think about the things that make your partner sexy. You can also use sensory details, such as sight, sound, and touch. This will help your reader to picture the scene in their head, igniting their imagination and making them feel aroused.

Once you’ve perfected your erotic letter-writing skills, you can start to build your portfolio online. A portfolio acts as a resume of your writing and is useful for marketing yourself as an author. One popular option is to join a writers’ group and submit your work to literary magazines that accept submissions from new authors. You can also list your work in the Amazon Kindle store, where you’ll be able to earn royalties directly from sales.

3. Be Sensual

Whether it’s written on beautiful paper, or encased in a velvet pouch, your erotic letter needs to make a good first impression. This means writing sensual words that entice your partner, without going overboard. Rather than being sexually explicit, use sensory details like sight, sound, touch and smell. You can also add a bit of mystery by using handwriting to further entice your partner and elicit curiosity about the contents of your letter.

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For added sexiness, enclose a pair of your favorite underwear in the letter. Then, wrap it all up in a box, and send it off to your love.

Remember that your erotic letters are about the characters and the story, not solely about the sex scenes. So, make sure your romance has a plot that carries the sexy scenes along with it. Ensure your romantic scenes are meaningful and help the characters to grow and develop throughout the story. This will create more tension and excitement for your readers and leave them wanting more. This will increase the power and sexiness of your sex scenes.

4. Don’t Go Overboard

When it comes to writing erotic letters you have to keep it simple. Using too much fancy language will just send the wrong message. Also, you need to use descriptions that resonate with the time and place. Otherwise, it won’t make sense and will feel forced.

It is better to use real-world descriptions involving sight, sound, touch and smell to arouse the reader. Avoiding both pornographic and purple prose (a term used to describe writing that is too ornate and flowery) will help your erotic letter to be more effective.

Another important aspect of erotica is making sure the characters’ push-pull dynamic is powerful. This can be accomplished by using a variety of techniques including setting, character, and dialogue.

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If you’re serious about writing erotic letters then it is recommended that you join a critique group that is specifically tailored to erotic fiction. This will give you the feedback that you need to improve your sexy skills. Also, you’ll have access to the support and encouragement of like-minded people. Having this backing will keep you motivated and encourage you to continue improving your craft.

5. Don’t Go Overboard

Before e-mail took over, letter writing was the perfect way for lovers to communicate their deepest drives and desires. But erotic letters can be tricky to write. They need to be sexy, yet also sensual and romantic. And they need to have some conflict and tension, but not be too over-the-top.

Avoiding pornographic, explicit descriptions of sex is essential to keeping the letter erotic and not icky. And avoiding purple prose (a term used to describe overly ornate or flowery language) is just as important. Instead, try to use real-world sensory details that are both erotic and romantic – such as touch, smell and sound.

It can take a little practice to get the hang of it, but finding those visual or tactile images that put your reader into the character’s skin is what makes writing an erotic letter so much fun. It’s why sexy writing is so popular: it trusts the reader’s imagination, knowledge and appetites to fill in the gaps. Which is what these six letter prompts are all about! So grab a nice piece of paper and your favorite pen, and start writing your sexy love letter.