Inside Kitana Montana’s Career in the Adult VR Movie Industry

Kitana Montana is taking the adult entertainment world by storm with her entrancing presence in virtual reality erotica films. The 30-year-old ‘Naughty Dutch Girl’ has quickly risen in ranking in the adult industry since her 2021 start. This Amsterdam-based actress has all the attributes of a classic siren: Blonde hair, grey eyes, a slim physique and measurements of 34D-24-36.

Kitana is a master of the virtual reality medium and has become the star of her own show. She has starred in multiple hit films and continues to keep her fans engaged with consistent content such as her 15 photo sets and 20 videos. Not much intimidating about Kitana either, she is only 5’2 and weighs only 99lbs.

Work in the Adult Movie Virtual Reality Industry

Kitana’s work ethic is paying off and she is quickly becoming the go-to VR porn Videos actress. Her videos are shot in 4K ultra-high definition and feature categories such as VR curvy, body cumshot, and BDSM. She is considered both an actress, and an artistic performer. Her strong visuals draw the viewer into her world – one that she gets to control.

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Staying in Control

Kitana is committed to staying true to her brand. She is careful in selecting which videos and projects she puts out and only participates in projects that represent her creative vision. Part of staying true to her brand also involves the couples and threesomes she works with. Kitana is proud to be an independent artist who does not let herself be exploited. 

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Creating a Name for Herself

Kitana Montana is on the path to a successful career in the adult virtual reality industry. Her expertise in captivating viewers and her passion for only taking part in projects that she chooses puts her in a league of her own. Her fans love watching her VR work, eager to experience the thrills of virtual reality with the beautiful and talented VR Kitana Montana.

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