What Are Sticky Boobs?

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Sometimes even the best-fitting bras can have problems, especially with backless styles or a plunging neckline. That’s where sticky boobs come in handy.

The lingerie essentials have gone viral on TikTok thanks to their ability to lift and support the chest for a smooth look. Cosmo staffers tested some of the top-rated options on the market to see if they worked.

They’re great for strapless silhouettes

If you love the idea of a strapless dress or backless blouse, but you’re worried about your bust looking flat and unsupported, you can use a sticky bra to solve this issue. These adhesive boob tapes, or nipple covers, are discreet and offer more support than going braless. They can even lift your breasts by up to 2 inches.

These nipple cover options are thin enough not to show under the dress or top, and they feature drawstrings that allow you to adjust how much lift you want. They also come in a range of sizes, from small to large, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Another great option is this padded bra with clear tabs that are attached to the front of the bra. It has a blush shade and can boost your cleavage by up to two inches. While it’s not ideal for backless silhouettes, it works well with spaghetti straps and low-cut necklines.

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You’ve probably seen this type of adhesive strapless bra in a celebrity fashion video. The silicone cups are padded, and the center lace-up detail can cinch and elevate your chest for a flattering look. You can get it in a variety of colors, and the brand says it’s reusable for up to 25 wears. It’s available in sizes up to DD.

They’re perfect for backless styles

If you want to rock that backless dress or jumpsuit for a night out but don’t feel comfortable with your nipples escaping from your top, sticky boobs are a great solution. The best options can give you a backless look with a natural shape, so they’re ideal for strapless styles, spaghetti straps, and slightly low-cut necklines. Plus, they’re super lightweight and won’t leave marks or residue under your clothes.

There are several types of backless sticky bras on the market, so make sure to read the instructions carefully. Some brands recommend setting the cups on a towel or other soft surface, which will help prevent them from sticking to your clothes. You can also use cling wrap to protect the adhesive before putting them on. Lastly, always try to apply the bra in front of a mirror so you can see how they’re positioned on your body.

If you’re on the hunt for a backless sticky, we suggest trying this one from Nood. It’s a game changer, hailed by online reviewers up to an I cup size for its amazing lift and support. We love that it’s padded for a little extra oomph, too! Plus, it’s super easy to put on (but don’t forget to remove the plastic pieces before wearing them) and it will stay stuck even after sweating.

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They’re perfect for plunging necklines

For the times when a backless dress or neckline just won’t play well with your regular bras, there are plenty of sticky options out there to save the day. According to Cosmopolitan, Niidor’s Strapless Push-Up Sticky Bra “holds up wonderfully underneath asymmetrical clothing,” and features nipple pasties with a skin-tone tab that won’t show under most pieces. It’s also available in multiple sizes, including D cups.

Another great option is this nipple cover from LELEBear, which comes in three different flesh-tone options to match your outfit. It also boasts a soft inner padding that provides support, and it’s ideal for those with fuller breasts. It’s also a lot less clingy than some other sticky options, making it perfect for plunging necklines.

Regardless of the type of sticky boob you opt for, make sure to wash it regularly with lukewarm water and mild soap to avoid premature wear. Then, store it in a clean place in its original packaging. This will help keep it fresh and ready to go for your next night out on the town or special event. If you’re a beginner when it comes to using these handy little gadgets, remember that it can take some time to figure out how to properly position them on your chest. It may even take several tries before you get the hang of it.

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They’re perfect for nipples

When a traditional bra doesn’t quite cut it (or it’s just begging for a break), nipple pasties or stick-ons are a safe, easy solution. But with so many options out there, it can be tricky to find one that fits and feels right. So to help you out, Cosmo editors sacrificed their nips on the sticky-bra altar of Amazon and other major retailers to try out some of the highest-rated options.

A fan fave, this push-up option from Victoria’s Secret is super affordable and comes in a variety of skin tones, including nude and black. Plus, the cups stretch to fit boobs up to size DD and have lightly lined padding.

Another budget pick that’s a top seller, this MITALOO adhesive push-up bra boasts more than 12,000 rave reviews for its comfort and stickiness. The silicone-based formula is designed to hold up well through sweat and movement, and it’s available in cup sizes A through F.

If you’re looking for a little lift, these reusable nipple covers from Perkies promise gravity-defying “ear tabs” that are meant to be hooked together to support your nipples. And they’re a great option for those with smaller nipples since the clear tabs are thin enough to blend in. Plus, they come with a travel case and are super easy to clean and store.