What Are the Biggest Boobs in the World?

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No two breasts are the same. In fact, they’re as unique as snowflakes.

Our Girl star Michelle Keegan has boobs that meet near perfect proportions, according to the Golden Ratio devised by the ancient Greeks. They’re a size 102ZZZ each.

Self-proclaimed ‘boobie greed monster’ Mayra Norma has natural D cups that each weigh over 56lbs. She’s vowed never to have them reduced.

1. Norma Stitz

Annie Hawkins Turner, better known by the stage name Norma Stitz (a play on words for “enormous tits”) is a website entrepreneur and fetish model. She holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest natural breasts. Her 102ZZZ cup assets measure more than four feet of cleavage and weigh 56 pounds each. Norma first burst onto the big boobs pornography scene in 1994, winning a layout contest for the amateur section of Plumpers & Big Women magazine. Then, she took on the Norma Stitz moniker and began making her own softcore nude films. Since then, Norma has appeared in a wide range of adult industry productions, including the AVN Adult Video Nudes Award-winning video The Amazing Norma Stitz.

Norma is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, where she runs her online business. She also moonlights as a fetish model, and she’s made several appearances on television shows such as the UK magazine program This Morning.

Her massive mammary glands are her most prized possessions, but she’s not stopping at them just yet. Norma is aiming for the world record of smallest waist, and she hopes to squeeze her 22 inch-diameter bust down to 24 inches. In order to achieve her goal, she’ll have to undergo a number of surgical procedures to shrink her tummy. She also plans to have a double mastectomy if the procedure doesn’t work.

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2. Sabrina Sabrok

Sabrina Sabrok is an Argentine actress, television host and cyberpunk rock singer who has the biggest boobs in the world. Her enormous breasts are the center of attention when she performs on stage, causing audiences to go wild for her. The Argentine singer has also appeared in several adult films and television shows. Her career has included starring in TV shows such as La hora pico and Big Brother VIP in Mexico.

The sexy performer is a natural beauty and has been featured in various magazines. Her boobs have earned her the nickname “Miss Big Boobie.” Sabrina first got her start as a model when she was only 18. She went on to appear in many popular television shows and movies. Her show, Sabrina TV Show, aired for four years and had the highest ratings of any Telehit program.

Sabrina has undergone 53 cosmetic surgery operations to date. Her huge boobs are her most notable feature, but she also has an enormous bum and lips. She is unrecognizable in a picture of herself before she began her plastic surgery odyssey. The Playboy model claims she will continue to get work done as long as people want to see her naked. Her fans can watch her perform on their favorite porn sites. They can choose from a variety of high-quality Sabrina Sabrok Cum and Deepthroat Milf sex videos.

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3. Susan Busty Heart

Susan Sykes, aka Busty Heart, is a 53-year-old adult entertainer from Boston who is known for her enormous breasts. Sykes, who has been performing under her stage name for about 30 years, charges spectators to watch her smash objects — such as beer cans and watermelons — with her massive 34M implants. Despite her titillating reputation, the Massachusetts native insists she is happy with her size and has been making a good living from her unusual talent for more than 30 years.

She is also well-known for her TV appearances, including on the Rude Tube channel and Comedy Central’s The Man Show. In one of her most famous TV moments, she jiggled her boobs before slamming them down on a beer can held by host Brent Musburger.

Her enormous boobs have made her rich, and she has used her assets to purchase an island with a house in Maine, as well as a strip club and a mountain top with a cabin. She has also appeared in several movies, including The Dictator alongside Sacha Baron Cohen and Sir Ben Kingsley, and she was a contestant on America’s Got Talent. She has a devoted following on social media, with more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram alone. She is also the author of a book, You’re Not Your Boobs.

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4. Annie Hawkins Turner

Annie Hawkins Turner, who is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, has the biggest natural boobs. She wears a size 52L bra. She claims that her large chest started developing when she was nine, as a result of breast hypertrophy. She has two children but could not breastfeed them because of her condition.

Her husband encouraged her to showcase her body and she set up a website that became a huge success. It has over a million subscribers and earned her PS40,000 in just one year. However, she still faces discrimination on a daily basis and she is often asked to undergo breast reduction surgery. She refuses as she does not want to interfere with nature.

The fetish model has also received numerous offers to take part in reality shows, but she declines them all. She does not want to put her kids through that kind of stress and prefers to stay at home with them.

Many women have one breast that is larger than the other, but this does not mean they are ugly. Some of the well endowed women have very asymmetrical breasts and they can look even more attractive than those with perfectly round boobs. The world’s boobs come in all shapes and sizes and it is amazing that they can be so big yet still remain beautiful.