What Country Has the Biggest Boobs?

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A new study has found that American women have the biggest natural boobs in the world. The researchers analyzed the average breast volume and cup size of 108 countries using EU bra sizing to come up with their findings. They excluded women who had implants or were pregnant or breastfeeding.

The United States

The United States is known for its bigger-than-life boobs. Celebrities like Kristy Love from Atlanta and Susan, aka Busty Heart have a devoted following for their ginormous sex organs. The ladies earn more than $1,000 a day by smothering their clients with tits that can crush a can of soda.

But it’s not just a matter of genes and implants; the climate can play a role in breast size, too. Women in colder areas, such as Scandinavia and Russia, tend to have larger boobs than those in hotter countries like Central Africa and Southeast Asia.

A new map has been published showing the average breast size in each country. Nordic women, with their average C to D cup sizes, lead the pack while women from Vietnam have the smallest bosoms. Americans and British women come in fourth and fifth respectively, with average boobs of a C cup or larger. Australia is right in the middle with women having a B cup or bigger on average.

The scientists behind the study compared the natural breast volume and cup size of 400,000 women from 108 countries. They excluded women who had breast implants or were pregnant or breastfeeding. The researchers also used EU bra sizing for consistency. They found that American women have the largest boobs, followed by our Canadian sisters and Irish and Polish counterparts in Europe.

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The United Kingdom

While many women may choose to embrace a smaller bust, others are naturally larger-chested. This is especially true of the women in some countries, where breasts seem to be a major physical feature of femininity. A recent study by Victoria Milan – a site for married and attached people looking to have extramarital affairs – has ranked the world’s top 20 nations for the size of their local ladies’ bosoms.

The US and UK ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, with average cup sizes of C-D. Europeans dominated the rankings, with Iceland and Luxembourg taking up the second and third spots, with average breasts of C-plus. Australia rounded out the list at twentieth, with average cup sizes of B-plus.

While we all know that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to breast size, the rankings are an interesting way to compare the sizes of women worldwide. But, what do the numbers actually tell us?

While a lot of women are envious of their celeb friends and Instagram models’ large busts, there’s one thing we can learn from these rankings: It takes more than a pair of 34B bras to rank among the best boobs in the world. For example, one woman named Charms, from Atlanta, Georgia, has a chest measuring a staggering size of 34H-plus. She has become known as a big-boobed celebrity and even makes money by smothering her clients with her giant assets.

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The Netherlands

Women in the Netherlands have the largest breasts in Europe, according to a new study. The research was conducted by Target Map, which used data from 108 countries to determine average breast volume and cup size.

The Dutch ranked third in the world, with women averaging a C-cup. The UK came in fourth place, followed by Denmark and Ireland. Women in the US also ranked high, with a quarter of Caucasian American women having boobs that measure between a B and a C.

Russia came in fifth place, followed by Sweden, Finland and Norway. These Nordic countries are known for their luscious locks, but they weren’t quite as big as the US.

Meanwhile, China may be winning lots of gold medals in Rio, but its boobs are among the smallest in the world. Chinese women only have a petite A-cup, which puts them in the bottom half of the global chart. This is despite the fact that women in the country are growing larger, with 32 percent having a D-cup compared to 20 percent five years ago. This is perhaps because of the country’s diet and lifestyle, which is full of dairy. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

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The Philippines

If you’re looking for a little extra boob action, the Philippines might be just the place to find it. The country’s women boast a petite A cup. Interestingly enough, this is more than twice as big as Britain’s average cup size.

The US, Canada, Ireland and Poland also made the top of the list. The study compared the breast volume and cup size of 400,000 women from 108 countries. It excluded those who had breast implants and women who were pregnant or breastfeeding.

It’s important to remember that every breast shape and size is beautiful, regardless of whether they are small or large. So, stop comparing your boobs to other women’s and love them for who they are! Avon Intimate Apparel recently launched a campaign called Shaped For More that celebrates the diversity of breast shapes.

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