What Does Anal Feel Like For a Guy?

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Guys who enjoy anal play might be straight, gay, bisexual or transgender. “Enjoying anal stimulation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re queer,” Zachary Zane, author of BOYSLUT and sex expert for the queer cruising app Sniffies, tells O.school.

But before you can do any anal play, you need to be sure your partner is on board. Constant communication is key.

It Feels Like The Vagina

For many guys, the first time they do anal, it feels a lot like what the vagina does for them, although tighter. It’s a tight push feeling that’s concentrated on the tip of the penis and doesn’t let up until you’re completely fucked. This tight grip means that pushing and thrusting aren’t as easy as with the mouth or vagina, but that’s not to say that it’s not pleasurable.

For some guys, the sensation of anal sex is more erotic than other types of sex. It’s a feeling that’s a bit more taboo, and some people find it hard to wrap their heads around. However, some women find anal sex to be extremely pleasurable, and even orgasmic.

If you’re thinking of trying anal sex, be sure to buy plenty of lube. The anus is not able to produce its own lubrication, and the lack of it can cause pain and irritation. Also, if you’re going to do anal, it’s important that you have a condom on so that you don’t risk transmitting STIs both ways. Anal sex can also be combined with oral or vaginal sex, and it’s OK to switch if one partner feels uncomfortable at any point. Just make sure you use a condom in both cases, and don’t rush things or go too deep right away, as this can lead to anal trauma.

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It Feels Like The Mouth

Guys who like anal sex can get some of the same pleasure from it as vaginal sex. They feel the sensations in their anuses and can communicate to their partners what they like (and don’t). And, like a girl’s mouth, there are a lot of things you can do with a guy’s dick.

Guys can also explore their anuses with sexual toys and by simply sticking their finger in there. This helps to desensitize the area and prepare them for bottoming.

It’s important to be cautious when bottoming, and to use a good amount of lube. If you’re not careful, it can be painful — even for guys who’ve done it a lot. It’s not something to rush into and it takes time to learn how to get comfortable with.

Many guys are hesitant to try anal because they’re afraid of the unknown. But, like with anything new in the bedroom, it’s not scary if you go slow and have an open communication about what you want to experience.

For some, anal play feels less sexual and more intimate. However, there are plenty of anal toys out there that can make it fun and exciting. It’s also important to remember that just because you enjoy butt stimulation doesn’t mean you’re gay. Everyone has nerve endings in their anus and they feel the same when stimulated.

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It Feels Like Pooping

One of the big reasons that men shy away from anal play is that it feels like they’re pooping. It turns out that this is perfectly normal — especially for beginners. Beginner bottoms are used to feeling their pleasure “focal point” in their cock, so switching over to the ass is a bit of an adjustment for many. This is why it’s good to use lube and go slow when first trying anal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your prostate is full of nerves and has its own pleasure center. You can even get an orgasm from stimulating your prostate alone! This is one of the reasons why anal can be so satisfying.

If you’re thinking of giving anal a try, remember to use a condom. This will protect against STDs, and it’ll make your partner feel a whole lot more comfortable. We recommend Lifestyle’s Sensitive Pre-Lubricated Condom, which has a special layer of lube that feels very natural on the anus.

It’s important to remember that liking anal doesn’t have anything to do with your sexual orientation. As long as you’re exploring your anus in a safe, sane, and consensual manner, then it’s totally fine to enjoy the feeling. Just don’t forget to have some baby wipes on hand! It’s always a good idea to have them around in case you need to clean your anus.

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It Feels Like A Roller Coaster

If you’re an anal-loving guy, you know that the experience can be a little bit of a roller coaster. It can feel tighter than oral sex or vaginal sex, and there is a high concentration of nerve endings in the anus that make for some intense sensations. It can also be a bit overwhelming for guys who are getting anal sex for the first time.

The key to an enjoyable anal experience is the right mix of relaxation and arousal. Guys should do whatever they need to do to get in the mood, whether it’s taking a hot bath, touching their other erogenous zones or watching porn. Once you’re ready, take it slow and make sure to use lots of lube! It can be a good idea to lube up your anus and sphincter before you have anal sex, too, as it’ll help the penetration process go more smoothly.

Having anal sex is a fun way for guys to play Star Trek and explore uncharted territory in their body. However, it’s important that you and your partner communicate throughout the whole thing and move at a pace that works best for both of you. Always be mindful that anal sex can stimulate the bladder, and you may need to pee during or after your anal experience. It’s also important to wait for a few hours after eating before bottoming, as eating can lead to gas and bloating.