What Emoji Means Boobs?

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Emojis are modern day hieroglyphics that can convey a wide variety of meanings. Some are innocent and fun, while others can be racy or even mask risky behavior. It’s important for parents to understand the alternative definitions of these symbols so they can keep their teens safe online.

The lemon emoji is also a popular stand-in for the nipples, making it a great choice for sexting and dirty talk. Its round shape and green color are reminiscent of a pair of boobs.


The animated peach emoji may be the classic choice for talking about butts, but it’s not the only option. Sexters can also use the moon emoji to communicate their interest in butts. The moon emoji doesn’t exactly look like a butt, but it has a similar shape to one. It’s a great choice for naughty chats on sexting apps that might run into trouble with censors.

The breast-feeding emoji is another emoji that people use to talk about boobs. This emoji is available on most major platforms and can be used to express admiration or attraction for the female anatomy. It’s important to note that this emoji can be offensive or inappropriate for some individuals, so it’s best to avoid using it in sensitive conversations.

The lollipop emoji is also a good choice for talking about oral sex – This element is the result of the website team’s investigations Sensual Secrets. It can be a fun way to show someone that you’re interested in them without being too direct about it.

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This emoji can be used to represent female breasts or nipples. It can be very flirtatious or sexual in nature, especially when combined with other sexy or suggestive emojis. However, it’s important to remember that a girl’s boobs are private and should never be sent or posted on social media without consent.

The chestnut emoji is usually used to represent food, autumn, or the color brown. It can also be a code word for male testicles, but it must be used with discretion because it could be perceived as objectifying a guy.

While the peach and eggplant emojis are obvious horny symbols, there are other subtle sexy emojis that can be used to spice up a conversation. For example, the animated full moon does not look like a butt, so people who want to be more discreet can use this emoji to talk about their boners, peens, or how hard they bone.


The lemon is another emoji that is sometimes used to stand in for boobs. Its round shape and yellow color evoke thoughts of plump, juicy, or even luscious boobs. It’s more subtle than the peach emoji, which can be a little too indecent for certain workplace environments.

Depending on its context, this emoji can also suggest orgasm or masturbation. It’s best to use this emoji in conjunction with other horny emojis to avoid confusion or misinterpretation.

The lemon can be a great addition to a TikTok video or an iMessage sext sesh. It’s especially effective when paired with the eggplant emoji, which illustrates a mind-melting state of horniness. The angel-face emoji is less overtly sexy than the lemon, but it can still add a touch of sexiness to any message. It’s most often used in a humorous context, but it can add a little sexy flavor to any conversation.

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The watermelon emoji can have multiple meanings, depending on the context and who is using it. It can be used as a sexual symbol, to refer to someone’s breasts, or even to be flirtatious. It can also be a discreet way to talk about boobs in a sexting message.

The emoji can be used to represent many things, including boobs, but it is often associated with a woman’s body. This emoji is a great choice for use in a sexting message, or to show that you’re in the mood for sex.

The emoji is a cute and casual sex symbol that can be used to refer to someone’s boobs or butt. This emoji is a fun way to flirt with your partner and is a great addition to any text message. This emoji is best used in combination with other sexy emojis, such as the dick, to send a flirtatious message.

Crescent Moon

With a little imagination, nigh-on any emoji can have a sexual connotation. The peach emoji, for example, represents booty, bottoms, or whatever you call the two cheeks that hang behind your ears. This fruity emoji is also a great euphemism for breasts, especially when sent alongside the eggplant (penis) and taco emoji.

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The female sign emoji is another popular stand-in for boobs, due to its round shape and plumpness. It’s a great choice for when you want to convey admiration for someone else’s boobs, or if you don’t feel comfortable using more explicit emoji in mixed company.

The pretzel emoji might seem like a savory snack from the shopping mall food court, but it’s also the name of a very kinky sex position. If you’re texting with a partner who loves to twist and turn their body during sex, this is the perfect emoji for them.

Female Sign

Whether you’re illustrating a steamy sexting session or just want to spice up an otherwise vanilla text, there are plenty of horny emojis to choose from. The peach emoji is a popular stand-in for boobs, but it can also be used to symbolize butt cheeks. The eggplant emoji, on the other hand, is more traditionally associated with phallic imagery and can be a bit more explicit if you’re using it in the right context.

The lemon emoji is another common stand-in for nipples, and it can work well in a horny context. It’s less sexual than the peach emoji, though, and it can be helpful to use in mixed company or when you’re not sure if your recipient will appreciate a racy emoji. The female sign emoji is another option for expressing interest in someone’s boobs. It’s also often used to indicate admiration for a woman’s body or to show support for breast cancer awareness.