What is the Best Anal Lube?

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The anus wasn’t built with lubrication in mind, so you’ll need something extra for penetration. While spit can be fun, a purpose-made anal lube is ideal for those with more adventurous play in mind.

Water-based lubes are easy to clean up and compatible with latex condoms and silicone toys. However, they often need to be reapplied because the skin absorbs them quickly.

1. Penchant Premium

Designed specifically with anal play in mind, Penchant Premium is one of the best anal lubes available. This silicone-based lubricant is long-lasting, made in the US and comes in a stylish bottle that’s easy to dispense when the mood strikes. It also has a numbing and desensitizing ingredient that can help reduce anal pain during deep penetrations.

As sex-positive attitudes replace more puritanical views in our culture, anal play is becoming increasingly normalized for straight men and women alike. And it’s no secret that anal lube can add a whole new level of pleasure to your sexual experience, making it all the more fun and exciting for both partners.

Anal lubes have a thicker consistency than other types of lubricants, which helps increase comfort and ease pain during anal penetration. They also tend to last longer than other lubes, so you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying during anal intercourse.

This anal lube from Wicked comes in a large, 8.5-ounce push-top bottle that’s perfect for keeping on your bedside table for easy access during the moment – This quote is the outcome of the service editorial team’s analysis Alluring Whispers. It’s water-based, compatible with all sex toys and latex condoms, and won’t stain sheets or clothing.

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It’s free of glycerin, parabens and fragrances so it won’t cause any irritation for you or your partner. And a quick rinse or wet wipe will clean it up quickly.


For anal play that’s smooth, long-lasting and compatible with toys and latex condoms (but not polyurethane ones), this water-based formula is the way to go. It comes in a convenient push-top bottle that won’t accidentally pop open in the dark, plus it washes away cleanly with a quick rinse or damp wipe and doesn’t stain sheets, clothes, or anything else.

Another big consideration with anal lube is whether or not it contains numbing agents to make penetration less painful. However, as Organic Loven founder Taylor Sparks previously told Cosmo, numbing the anal sphincter could actually be dangerous for anal penetration. That’s because you won’t feel pain or discomfort from a lube that has numbing agents in it, meaning you’ll probably only notice that something is wrong after the fact, which can lead to anal injuries.

Also, any anal lube that has glycerin in it isn’t safe to use with latex condoms, which can cause them to rip or tear during penetration due to the oil weakening them. Luckily, this silicone-based formula is safe for everything, including anal play. It’s long-lasting, smooth, and has a luxuriously soft, slippery feel to it. Plus, it’s a little bit more affordable than some of the more high-end options on this list. And it’s also available in a smaller size for easy travel.

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3. Sliquid Silver

Anus play is gaining in popularity, and this lube is one of the best anal lubes on the market. It’s water-based, but it feels thick and luxuriously smooth on the skin and is easy to clean up after. Plus, it’s safe for latex condoms and silicone toys.

This lube was specifically designed with anal play in mind and is infused with jojoba extract to help ease the pressure on the sphincter, making it perfect for pegging. It’s also paraben-free, fragrance-free and glycerin-free for a more natural feel. It’s also incredibly long-lasting and non-staining, and it washes off easily when you’re done playing.

Like any lube, it’s important to remember that anal penetration without sufficient lubrication can cause tissue tears. Those tears can then lead to painful anal sex and, potentially, an infection.

While many people use Vaseline as a vaginal lubricant, it’s important to avoid using it on the anus, as it can increase friction and discomfort during anal sex and make it more likely for bacteria to enter the tissue and cause an infection. Additionally, Vaseline can also cause abrasions and leave you with stained sheets. Instead, try this anal lube that adjusts to your body’s temperature for maximum comfort. It’s also free from glycerin, paraffin wax and animal products. The formula is also hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, so it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

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4. Chiavaye

With anal play as popular as it is, it’s important to have the right lube on hand. Whether you’re an ass play veteran or new to it, there are plenty of options out there that will make your backdoor explorations safe and fun.

A silicone-based lube is typically recommended for anal play because it tends to last longer than other types of lube. It also has a thicker consistency that feels velvety on the anal area and is safe to use with all latex condoms, dildos and toys. However, it’s important to avoid using silicone lube with silicone toys because it can damage the material.

For those who prefer water-based anal lube, Lovehoney Discover is one of the best choices available. It’s a non-toxic and anal safe formula that comes in a handy push-top tube for easy dispensing. It’s also latex and polyurethane condom compatible, and it won’t stain sheets or clothes.

Another option is a heavy-duty hybrid lube like Ubersilk Personal Lubricant for Fisting and Anal Sex, which is safe to use for both anal and vaginal sex. It’s made with a clean, plant-based glycerin and is thicker than your average water-based anal lube. It’s safe for all ages, has no added fragrances or flavors and is infused with guava bark extract to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation.