Who Invented Anal Beads?

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Anal beads are sex toys that are designed to be inserted into the anus. Anal play is more popular than many people realize and is enjoyed by men and women of all genders and sexual orientations.

Although anal is a taboo subject for some, it has been around for thousands of years. The ancient cultures loved butt stuff too.

The Ancient Chinese

The anal bead is a sex toy that can be inserted into the anus to increase pleasure during orgasm. Conventional anal beads consist of a string of spherical beads (three to six or more) having a free end in the form of a loop or finger ring. A lubricant is placed on the beads to facilitate insertion into the anal canal past the sphincter muscle and then removed by pulling on the free end of the string.

Heterosexual anal play is much more common than most people realize, and it has been around for a long time. While many cultures throughout history have enjoyed butt stuff, anal sex has a particularly strong presence in the ancient world.

The ancient Moche culture, which thrived between 100AD and 800AD in northern Peru, was particularly prolific when it came to depicting anal sex on their pottery. In fact, archaeologists have unearthed 10,000 of these pots. It was believed that the Moche viewed anal sex as not only a sexual pleasure, but also a form of birth control and as a way to ensure that both partners were receiving the same amount of sperm. Anal sex, however, does carry some risks. Tearing the skin can cause infections, including HIV and HPV, so it’s important to use protection when attempting this sexual activity.

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The Greeks and Romans

When people think of Greece, they probably think of a vacation on the beach, some great food and culture. But what many don’t realize is that the ancient Greeks were all-in when it came to anal sex.

The phallus was a powerful symbol in Greek culture, and it often stood at the entrance to homes. Vase paintings showed explicit scenes of vaginal and anal intercourse, masturbation and fellatio.

One famous example is that of a satyr playing his aulos, a double-reed instrument that looks like an anus. Another shows a hirsute satyr masturbating and pushing a dildo into his anus. The ancient Greeks also used olive oil as a lubricant for butt sex, but it’s not recommended to use that for anal sex today (or ever). Unless you use a latex condom, anal sex can cause tearing and bleeding if you rip through the skin. This is why it’s important to use a high-quality lube, such as a water-based or silicone one, for anal play.

The ancient Greeks were pretty liberal when it came to sexual indulgence, and some writers even wrote bawdy plays that portrayed masturbation and anal sex between men. However, their societies placed a high emphasis on the concept of moderation, which is sometimes referred to as sophrosune or temperantia. This meant that they were not likely to indulge in sex that was considered excessive or immoral.

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The Bible

The anus has high concentrations of nerve endings, making it a very sensitive area. It can cause extreme pain when mistreated, but it can also feel amazing during sexual intercourse. This is why many people choose to have anal sex. During certain periods in history, it was considered taboo to have anal sex, but this is slowly changing as society becomes more accepting of gay lifestyles. Fortunately, pornography is making it possible for people from all around the world to explore the pleasures of anal sex.

Despite being surrounded by a powerful taboo, millions of men and women are experimenting with anal sex. The anus is the closest erogenous organ to the genitals and it can create intense sensations, including mind-blowing orgasms. The anal opening is surrounded by nerves, and it is easy to create pleasurable pressure on this area using a finger. During anal sex, many people like to focus on the inner part of the anus, which is more sensitive.

The prostate gland is very similar to the G-spot, which is why a man’s anal can be such a great source of pleasure. Many people are surprised to learn that the prostate has a lot of nerve endings, and it can give a couple of amazing orgasms when massaged. The anal can also become very irritated when touched, so it is important to use plenty of lubrication when experimenting with this area.

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Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians are remembered for a lot of things that we can’t imagine doing today, such as performing surgery and dentistry, understanding human anatomy and appreciating herbal remedies. But it’s not all that common knowledge that they paid special attention to the anus and even had a title for it, called nery phuyt, which means “shepherd of the royal anus.”

The Moche culture that thrived in southern Peru between the first and eighth centuries A.D., also viewed anal sex as a normal way for two consenting adults to get it on. Pottery from this era often depicted anal sex more than vaginal sex. The people believed that sperm was a vital life force and that it would channel through the anus to increase breast milk production, much like how a mother’s body pumps her breasts.

In addition, the ancient Egyptians invented a kind of anal bead that could be inserted into the anus, preventing semen from entering the uterus. These beads were usually spherical and connected by a string, so they wouldn’t fall off inside the anus. They were used as contraception and to treat sexual diseases, and they can still be found today in some cultures. Conventional anal beads are a string of silicone or glass beads that can be inserted into the anus. Using them can trigger orgasms in women because of the way they stimulate the genitospinal nerves, which connect to the anus.