Why Are My Boobs Pointy?

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Each woman’s breasts develop differently and may change shape over time. Although this is considered normal breast development, it can lead to women being unhappy with their breast shape. Cosmetic breast surgery can help achieve a more pleasing bust contour.

Do your boobs look pointed, narrow or have puffy nipples that are out of balance with the breast mound? If so, you have a condition known as tuberous breasts.

1. They are tubular

Women with tubular breasts often feel embarrassed, shamed, and self-conscious about their bodies. Despite the fact that all boobs are beautiful, it’s very common for women with tubular breasts to experience low self-esteem and struggle with body confidence issues, especially during adolescence when they are trying to figure out their bodies. They also struggle to fit into clothes that are designed for rounded breasts and may find intimacy problematic.

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Tubular breasts are defined by their pointed, tube-like shape and puffy nipples. This condition can affect both breasts, but is usually more noticeable in one breast. The deformity can be difficult to diagnose because it is based on appearance, but there are several telltale signs that you have tubular breasts: a large gap between the breasts, a flat upper breast, a narrow base, or a domed, enlarged areola. Tubular breasts can also be asymmetrical, with one breast appearing larger or more pointed than the other.

The cause of tubular breasts is unclear, but it is believed to occur as a result of an abnormality in the tissue development process while in utero. The results become evident during puberty when the breasts fail to develop in a rounded manner. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery can help to restore a more symmetrical and natural-looking breast shape. If you are bothered by the pointy look of your boobs, consider speaking to a qualified plastic surgeon in New York City or New Jersey about the safe procedure known as breast augmentation.

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3. They are asymmetrical

Breast development is a very individual process and slight breast asymmetry is not uncommon. However, if one of your boobs appears larger than the other, this is not considered “normal” and may need to be addressed through breast augmentation surgery.

Lopsided breasts can lead to physical problems such as poor posture, back or shoulder pain and emotional issues such as low self-esteem, difficulty selecting bras or swimwear and intimacy problems. For these reasons, breast augmentation is often recommended by our specialist cosmetic breast surgeons at Enhance Medical to provide a flattering breast shape.

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4. They are after breast augmentation

Achieving a breast shape that is aesthetically pleasing is a personal preference for most women. Traditionally, round and evenly rounded from top to bottom is considered the most flattering breast shape. However, every woman’s breasts develop differently. For some, this results in tubular-shaped breasts with puffy nipples that appear pointy and narrow at the base. While this is not a cause for concern, many women who feel that their boobs are pointy and narrow choose cosmetic breast enhancement to achieve the shape that best aligns with their preferences. Fortunately, a qualified plastic surgeon can correct pointy and narrow-shaped nipples with advanced breast enhancement techniques. This process is known as the “drop and fluff” method. Click here for more information about this procedure.

After a breast augmentation, it is normal for the implants to initially appear slightly pointy due to swelling. It can take a few months for this to dissipate, helping the implants to drop and become fluffier.