Why Do Women Like to Be Spanked?

Close Up Shot of a Woman's Butt

Many men and women wonder why women like to be spanked. Some women may secretly desire it but feel they must hide this from others.

Some people believe this is caused by masochism and Sigmund Freud’s theory that sexual deviations are rooted in childhood experiences. However, there are other reasons.

Power and Submission

Many women find erotic pleasure in the power element of spanking. Whether it is the thwack of a husband’s hand or the slapping motion of a paddle, women like to be reminded that they are subject to their man’s control. The humbling and child-like position of spanking often reinforces this. This is also why BDSM advocates recommend that spanking be used during sexual activity. In this way, the erotic power of the thwack can become even more intense.

The submission element of spanking is equally important to women. While second-wave feminists might argue that women cannot choose to be submissive, most women who enjoy erotic spanking would disagree. As long as the woman is in control of her own decision and does not feel abused or oppressed, she should be allowed to experience the pleasure of being submissive to her partner.

In her study, Sexual Spanking, the Self and the Construction of Deviance, sociology professor Rebecca Plante finds that women enjoy being spanked because it allows them to fulfill their sexual fantasies. But she cautions that one must consider cultural, subcultural, and interpersonal sexual scripts to understand why a person might find spanking erotic. These are the social blueprints that dictate the who, what, where, when, why, and how of our sexual interests. As a result, our sexual fantasies might be wildly different from our friends’ or siblings’.

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Spanking is a form of erotic behavior that can be used for sexual gratification or pleasure. It can involve a variety of implements and can range from spontaneous smacks on the buttocks to sexual roleplaying. Erotic spanking is often associated with BDSM, but it’s not exclusive to that community. It is also common in fetish and pornographic literature.

Regardless of whether a woman enjoys being spanked or not, it is a turn-on for her to feel wanted and desired by her partner. This can be done through a variety of methods, including grabbing her buttocks with bare hands or using a spanking tool like a paddle. Spanking can be an amazing way to enhance the physical intimacy of sex and can lead to orgasms in some women.

Spanking is one of the most popular kinks among women, according to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study found that 95 percent of women enjoyed spanking and ranked it third on the list of their favorite sexual behaviors. The study also found that many women prefer to be spanked by their partners rather than strangers. Obviously, the key is to ensure that the spanking is consensual and not random. It is also important to use a spanking tool that is not too harsh or painful.

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Nudity is a big part of why women love to be spanked. This may sound obvious, but the physical and emotional excitement of seeing their men in complete control of them has a powerfully sexual erotic appeal to it. The bottom and upper thighs are especially sexualized zones of the body for many women. They are bare for her man to see, and often raised up into the air as if being presented to him. The humbling and vulnerability of being spanked is also erotic.

Moreover, the endorphins released during a spanking can lead to an orgasm in much the same way that vaginal orgasms do. That’s another reason why many women like to be spanked – it can make them feel fantastic, and can lead on to even more arousal in bed.

It is important to note that not all women enjoy being spanked for the same reasons, and this is a very personal thing. However, it is a very common sexual kink that many women and men explore with their partners, and one which can be very fulfilling in the right situation. It is not uncommon to find that people who love being spanked have found this pleasure in a very young age, and consider it to be an essential part of their sexual life.

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Intimacy is more than just physical closeness; it’s trust and an emotional connection. Intimacy can be between romantic partners, but it also includes friends and family members. Intimacy involves being able to share thoughts and feelings with the people you care about and having those feelings reciprocated. Intimacy is a foundation of healthy relationships and a key element in a happy life.

For some women, intimacy is a large part of why they enjoy being spanked during sex. Intimacy can involve sexual but also non-sexual experiences like touching, hugs, and really listening to the other person. It can be about sharing fears, hopes, and dreams. Intimacy can even be about experiencing pain and suffering together, such as the pain that comes with spanking.

The intimacy that is gained from spanking during sex can be very deep, but it can also be light and playful. For example, a survey by sex toy retailer Lovehoney found that two thirds of women liked some spanking with their hanky panky. Some of the bondage moves that were popular with these women included hair pulling (which is a sign of dominance and is a little bit erotic, since it’s a cavewoman throwback) and rope bondage.

These kinds of bondage are a type of sexual script that involves both power and submission. Depending on the script, it can be about masochism or it could be about the feeling of submission itself.